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"Benji" Gross, hit by a truck running after a ball,
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Mrs. Anna "Bubbi" Gross, and Samuel "Zaida" Gross.

Remembered by the Gross, Rudnick and Berger families.

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Gross Family tree
By James Gross     10/98

Subject: Gross family search
Related family Names included: Safronsky,Grossman

 I am researching my family of Gross. The family name was changed
from GRAJEWSKI, GRACWSKY, GRAEWSKY.  These are all variations of
the same pronounciation.  Feivel (Shraga Feivush) Grajewsky
was born in Shishlowitz, Poland on 7/14/1863. His fathers name was
Moishe Grajewsky and his mothers name was Chana Rejsel Swif.

Looking for Shishlowitz resulted in
2 possible towns:

Shishkovtse,aka Szyszkoroce, 88km ENE of L'vov.
          49 53', 42 55'.

Shtruvits,aka Shchurovitse, Szczurowice,
88km NE of L'vov.
           50 16',42 42'.

Feivel married Sarah in January 1888 in
Peretzie or Paretch, Pretchie, Porzez, Porsecre,
Porzetch, Porscetce, Porzecze, Grodno Gubernia,
Poland. I found a possible town match with
"Porechye, Byellorussia, aka Porzecze"
221 km WSW of Minsk. Coordinates are: 53 53',24 08'.
An old family interview refers to this town as being
about 30 miles from Grodno, near the Polish border.

the tree:

Moishe Shrageh (Graewsky) m. Chana Rejsel Swif
Moishe was born Shishlowitz, Poland, married  Chana in
Shishlowitz, Poland. Shraiga died 3rd of Sivar,
Moishe & Chana had 4 known children:

I.   Benjamin Grajewsky
II.  Unknown brother
III. Shraiga Feivel or Phillip Grajewsky
IV.  Florence "Fagey" (Grajewsky)

I.   Benjamin Gross married Liba
     Benjamin died 26th of Shvat, Liba died 10th of Kislev
      A. Aharon Gross
         Aharon died 29th of Kislev

II. "unknown brother" married Sarah (Garber)
     He had an alcoholic problem and Sarah divorced him.
     5 children from this marriage, 1 daughter went to NY

III. Shraiga Feivel or Philip {Graejewsky} Gross
     Feivel Garjewsky m. #1 Sarah's (Garber) sister
                         #2 Sarah (Garber)

Feivel  was born Jul 14 1863, Shishlowitz, Poland.
Feivel married Sarah in January 1888 in Peretzie or Paretch,
Pretchie, Porzez, Porsecre, Porzetch, Porscetce, Porzecze,
Grodno Gubernia, Poland.  I found a possible town match with
"Porechye, Byellorussia, aka Porzecze"  221 km WSW of Minsk.
Coordinates are: 53 53',24 08'.
An old family interview refers to this town as being
about 30 miles from Grodno, near the Polish border.

Feivel first married Sarah's sister. She died in a flu epidemic
with a child Moishe. Shraiga then married her sister Sarah (Garber).
Sarah was born in 1859, Oszur, Poland,died Oct 29 1948,
Sarah Grajewsky was the daughter of Dov. Feivel died May 30 1941,
Phila,Pa, Feivel & Sarah buried: Mt Sharon Cemetary.

Note: Feivels DOB 7/14/1863 per Fivel's Declaration of Intent
papers at Balch Institute.  Stone says 1867.  Death cert says 1881.

Tillie Cooper, in an interview with Penelope Murillo, said that
Feivel used the name Feinberg while in Poland.  This name was
taken from a dead man and was used to avoid being drafted into
the Czars army.

     Feivel & Sarah had 8 known children:
     A. Moishe Shraiga
     B. Nathan Gross
     C. Rose (Gross) Brown
     D. Bella (Gross) Glick
     E. Samuel Gross
     F. Mary (Gross) Segal/Sipkin
     G. Tillie (Gross) Cooper
     H. Abram Gross

     A. Moishe Shraiga born in Peretzie,Poland.
        Died 23rd of Adar

     B. Nathan Gross m. #1 __?__
                        #2 Mary (Rubin)

        Nathan born Jun 10 1889, Poretzie,Poland, married in Phila,Pa,
        Nathan Grajewsky came to the US, Phila port, in 1907 and was
        met by his brother-in-law Abraham Safronsky.  Nathan changed
        his name to Gross. Abraham Safronsky was living at 535 N.
        Front St, Phila,Pa.  His brother, Rabbi Wolf Safronsky was the
        officiating Rabbi for later marriages by Abe, Mary & Tillie.
        Nathan died May  8 1925, Phila,Pa, buried: Har Nebo Cemetary.
        Marriage says dob 6/10/1887, petit for nat says dob 1/16/1889,
        also declaration of intent says same date.

        1. Joseph Gross married Muriel (Master)
           Joseph died Jan  1 1995, Phila, Pa.
           a. Stephen Gross married Barbara
               (1) Andrew Gross
               (2) Mellissa Gross
           b. Larry Gross
        2. Evelyn (Gross) married Alfred Sheapkus.
        3. Milton Gross married Marilyn (April)
           a. Alan Gross m. Michelle (Fierria)
                (1) Jacob
                (2) Leah
           b. Randall Gross m. Donna (Sumers)
                (1) Mellanie
                (2) Katherine
                (3) Corey
                (4) Benjamin

        Mary Gross m. Jacob Holtzman
        Jacob had 3 children from a previous marriage:

        4. Belle (Holtzman) m. Bernard Sharps
        5. Esther (Holtzman) m. Martin Myers
        6. Irving Holtzman

        Mary Holtzman, died 1974, Montifeur cemetary.

     C. Rose (Gross) Brown
        Rose (Gross) m. Samuel Brown.

        Rose was born Jan 15 1892, Poretzie,Poland, married in Phila,Pa,
        Samuel Brown, died Nov  4 1966, Phila,Pa, buried: King David
        Memorial Park Cemetary.  Rose died Aug  8 1986, Phila,Pa,buried:
        King David Memorial Park Cemetary. Marriage license gives dob
        6/4/1895 . Fivels Declaration Balch papers gives dob 1/15/1892.
        Fivels Second Papers (from Balch Institute) say 30 yrs old as of
        April 1925=1895 dob.

        Rose & Sam had 4 children:
        1. Lillian (Brown) London
        2. Freida (Brown) Gordon
        3. Moishe Brown
        4. Nate Brown
        4. Betty (Brown) Berman
        6. Ida Brown

        1. Lillian (Brown) m. Irv London.
           a. Paulette (London) married Keith Levinson.
              (1) Felicia Rose Levinson
        2. Freida (Brown) m. Al Gordon.
          a. Roshelle (Gordon) married Alan Green.
              (1) Stuart Green
              (2) Sheryl (Green) married Kent Gaerthe.
                 (a) Andrew Gaerthe
              (3) Julie Green
              (4) Jacqueline Green
           b. Richard Gordon
        3. Morris "Moishe" Brown m. Adella (Rudolph)
          a. Ruth (Brown) married Barry Coopersmith.
              (1) Gina Coopersmith
              (2) Danny Coopersmith
              (3) Michael Coopersmith
          b. Elissa (Brown) married Gary Rose.
              (1) David Rose
              (2) Julie Rose
          c. Jeffrey Brown married Debbie (Bralow)
              (1) Stephanie Brown
              (2) Melanie Brown
       4. Nate Brown married Ina Brown.
          a. Ellen (Brown) married Norman Lane.
              (1) Darren Lane
              (2) Melanie Lane
              (3) Ginger Lane
              (4) Justin Lane
          b. Stuart Brown married Faye (Alexander)
              (1) Dahviaya Brown
        5. Betty (Brown) m. Robert Berman.
           a. Carol (Berman) married Randy Schlitt.
           b. Edward Allen Berman married Myra (Hilburn)
        6. Ida Brown died 1926,age5, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Sharon Cemetary.
           Died age 5

     D. Bella (Gross) Glick
         Bella (Gross) m. Irwin Glick.
         Bella was born May 18 1897, Poretzie,Poland, married in Ca,
         Irwin Glick, died May 0 1967, Ca.  Bella died Oct 00 1972, Ca,
         Bella & Irwin buried: Mt Sinai Mem Park, Los Angles,Ca.

        1. Ruth (Glick) married Daniel Willens.
           a. Penelope (Willens) married Richard Murillo.
              (1) Daniel Murillo
           b. Dr. Stephen Willens married Ellana (Vahllcamp)
              (1) Laura Willens
        2. Norma (Glick) married Norman Willens.
           a. Mark Willens married Dianne
              (1) Aimee Willens
              (2) Hether Willens
           b. Scott Willens married Amy (Weinstein)
              (1) Ian Willens
              (2) Cassandra Willens
              (3) Alicia Willens
              (4) Jennifer Willens

     E. Samuel Gross
        Samuel Gross m. Anna (Badner)

        Sam was born Apr  3 1902, Poretzie,Poland, married May 28 1925,
        in Phila,Pa, Anna (Badner) Gross, born Apr 22 1903, Mukanie,
        Poland, (daughter of Ben Yumen Badner and Shirley (Schwartzwald)
        Badner) died Feb 24 1976, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Sharon Cemetary.
        Samuel died Jun  3 1959, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Sharon Cemetary.
        Stone says DOD 6/3/59, 57 yrs=born 1902; Fivels papers say 1903
        Pet for Nat says 4/3/02

        Sam & Anna had 4 children:
         1. Benjamin Gross
         2. Shirley (Gross) Berger
         3. Dr. Nathan Gross
         4. Esther (Gross) Rudnick

         1. Benjamin Gross born May  8 1926, Phila,Pa, died Oct 28 1933,
            Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Lebanon Cemetary.
         2. Shirley (Gross) m. Louis Berger
             a. Harvey Berger
             b. Ellen (Berger) m. Glen Quan
                Ellen married in San Francisco,Ca.
         3. Dr. Nathan Gross m. Bernice (Steinberg)
            Nathan born 1933, died Nov 20 1992, Stratford,N.J., buried:
            Mt Sharon Cemetary.
             a. James H. Gross
             b. Jeffrey H. Gross

          4. Esther (Gross) married Seymour Rudnick.
             a. Jessica (Rudnick) m. Barry Kaseff.
               (1) Ethan Rudnick born Kansas City, Mo.
               (2) Anna Rudnick born Kansas City,Mo.
             b. Jonathan Rudnick m. Marcella
                (1) Sagi
                (2) Shir-el 
             c. Jimmy Rudnick

     F. Mary (Gross) m. #1 Isadore Segal
                     m. #2 Morris Sipkin
        Mary born Mar 28 1904, Poretzie,Poland, married (1) Aug 13 1924,
        in Phila,Pa, Isadore Segal, born Oct  5 1901, Bucharest, Roumania,
        died Mar 1 1962, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Sharon Cemetary, married
        (2) Morris Sipkin, morris died Mar  9 1970, buried: Mt Lebanon
        Cemetary.  Mary died Aug 23 1982, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Sharon

        1. Ruth (Segal) married Arnold Engel.
             a. Steve Engel married Joanne (Gamble)
          2. Lillian (Segal) married Ellis Hersh.
             a. Ted Hersh married #1 Tammy
                                  #2 Debra (Howard)
               (1) Jessica Hersh
               (2) Robert Hersh
               (3) Kristen Hersh
               (4) Amy Hersh
             b. Ellen (Hersh) married Robert Hagis.
          3. Arnold Segal married Ellie
             a. George Segal
             b. Michael Segal m. Paziz
               (1) Maya
     G. Tillie (Gross) m. Abram Cooper
        Tillie born Dec 25 1905, Poretzie,Poland, married Abram Cooper
        May 24 1932, in Phila,Pa; Abram Cooper, born Apr 26 1908,
        Jurin,Russia, died Jun 12 1984, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Sharon
        Cemetary.  Tillie died Mar 19 1992, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Sharon
        Cemetary.  DOB 12/25/05 per Fivels 2nd Papers dob 3/10/10 per
        marriage license(incorrect!) dob 10/28/05 per Fivels Declaration
        Balch papers
          1. Seymour Cooper married Phyllis (Abramson)
             a. Lois (Cooper) married Yale Silver.
             b. Ellen Cooper
             c. Dr. Beth Cooper
          2. Florence (Cooper) m. Bernard Rubinsky
             Florence "Fagey" married Bernie Rubinsky.
             a. Scott Rubinsky married Mindy
             b. Mark Rubinsky married Sue (Bromberg)
               (1) Paul Rubinsky
             c. Jay Rubinsky married Patricia (Bowman)
          3. Phillip Cooper

    H. Abe Gross m. Pauline (Pearlman)
       Abe born Mar 10 1907, Poretzie,Poland, married in Phila,Pa,
       Pauline (Pearlman) Gross, died Dec  1 1996, Phila,Pa, buried:
       Mt Sharon Cemetary.  Abe died Jul  7 1988, Phila,Pa, buried:
       Mt Sharon Cemetary.  Pauline died 12/1/96, Buried Mt Sharon
       Cemetary. Fivels Declaration Balch papers give Abe's birthdate as
       3/10/07, Fivels Second papers Balch say 4/20/07, Marriage says

    IV. Florence "Fagey" (Grajewsky)
        This family settled in England. Tillie visited them in an
        interview with Penelope Murillo. Tillie recalled being served
        bacon for breakfast and being outraged at this. No other info
        known about this branch.

        recent info: In the UK Jewish Chronicle newspaper, 9/1928 New Year
        greetings I found a Rabbi Grayewsky. "Rev G. Grayewsky of
        17 Turberville-place,Cardiff, reciprocates all of his friends
        sincere greetings."

related family:
   On the vessel POLONIA were Feivel, wife Sarah, Sam
aka Jozne,Mary aka Merka, Tillie aka Fipka, and Abe.
Also on the ship was the family of Rabbi
Wolf Safronsky. Wolf's son, Irving lists on his
naturalization papers that he was born in Peretzie,
Poland. Wolf stated he lived at 308 Mifflin St,

     Another link here is William Grossman.  He is
listed as an Uncle of Abraham Safronsky in a 1920
census listing at 1744 N Franklin St, Phila,Pa.
He married Jeanette and moved to 1005 N 6th St,

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