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by James Gross

Hi there,
Welcome to my page of links. Hopefully most of the links are working.
As you know, URL's change quite often, making it an interesting experience
to find anything. Enjoy- James Gross

The GOOGLE Search engine

GOOGLE: "THE" fastest way to find obscure items!

Some of you may dimly recall using "Dejanews" in the past.
It has been replaced by the supreme web searcher, Google.
Google does web searches as well as newsgroup searches.
It is great. You can even make it your default homepage. Try it youself...

"How to" Research Passenger Lists & Passports

LDS Guide for Finding Passenger Manifests

Guide by Joe Beine to using the passenger lists at your
local LDS family history center


Info on Passenger & Immigration Lists by Arnold Lang

Finding your Immigrant Ancestor

Info on Passenger & Immigration Lists

Steven Morse links

Ellis Island Search Forms and Ship Arrivals

US Federal Genealogy Sites

Social Security Database

The data in this index begins around 1963 or 1964. After you get your info,
you can write to the Social Security Administration, cite the
"Freedom of Information Act",and receive a copy of the individual's
application for a Social Security card. The price went up and it now costs $30

INS Microfilm Reel# List

This new INS website has a load of good information and instructions on
securing INS records for genealogical purposes.Website lists Information on:
Ship Passenger Manifests, Land Border Arrival Records,
Visa Files 1924-1944, and Alien Registration Records.

Naturalization Records

Info by Susanne Saether on naturalization records

Requesting Passport Applications from the National Archives

National Archives webpage

U.S. Dept of State Consular Records Database

The U.S. Department of State, Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Haifa Consular Post
Records Database includes more than 9,000 entries,
and was compiled from U.S. National Archives RG 84 (Record Group),

Foreign Service Post Records of the U.S. Department of State for Consular Posts:
Jerusalem (1857-1935), Jaffa (1867-1917), and Haifa (1872-1917).

Jewishgen Sites

JewishGen: The Official Home of Jewish Genealogy

The main site for Jewish Genealogy, various Jewish oriented databases,
largest location of uploaded Jewish gedcoms (family trees),
list of all Jewish genealogy societies, list of Jewish cemetaries,
Great site.

Jewishgen Infofile Index

More than 100 JewishGen InfoFiles providing information on topics
relevant to Jewish genealogical research.

Jewish Gen FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
by Warren Blatt

A very good online guide to Jewish Genealogy.
This file is an important item for all Jewish genealogists.

Other Jewish Genealogy Reference Sites

bezek white pages

Israeli white pages translated into English

The Poor Jews Temporary Shelter Database

Project of Professor Aubrey Newman and Dr. Graham Smith,
Dept of History, University of Leicester,UK.

The shelter was situated in Leman Street, Whitechapel in London.
The database spans the period 1896-1914 and contains some 43000 names.
The shelter was set up to house immigrants on their short stay over in London
before embarking on their cross continental journey.
Some of the destinations are: S. Africa, US, S. America, Holland and England.

Yad Vashem Hall of Names

Formerly, you could do a name search of their submitted pages of testimony.
Apparently they are upgrading their facilities right now. link dead.

[ship logo]

Ship/Ocean Liner Reference Sites

Ship Descriptions

This site by Louis Alfano has very detailed descriptions of passenger & steamships.
I found a nice writeup on "Polonia", one of my ships. Worth taking a look at.

Online Morton Allan Database

Steve Morse & Anthony Cimorelli's one stop online search
engine of the Morton Allan Directory

Bremen Passenger Lists 1920 - 1939

Hamburg State Archives-Passenger Lists

Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934

Good Misc Reference Sites

Social Security Database

This index seems to contain the majority of people
who died after 1964. After you get your info,
you can write to the Social Security Administration,
cite the "Freedom of Information Act",and receive a copy of
the individual's application for a Social Security card.
The price went up and it now costs $30

Military Records

2 sites for US Military Records & Awards

Some years ago I posted information about how to obtain US military personnel
and medical records or US military awards for yourself, or as surviving next-of-kin
for relatives. The significant number of Jewish veterans, and the rather sizeable
amount of information you can obtain makes this a worthwhile endeavor.

Veterans webpage with info on medals-select "medals"


Good Genealogy Maps

Scanned maps, including Lithuanian, Austrian, and Russian maps

More Genealogy Maps

1924 map of Europe, 1939 maps of Poland w/ Danzig cooridor,
1941 maps of Russia, 1942 maps showing the
"eastern front-map of German gains on ",
1944 map of Balkins, Carpathian mountains terrain map,
many Mediterranean & South Pacific maps
including Australia. All maps in B&w. Some files are large.

Poland Map

555-1212 Directory appears to be a very good search engine.
You can search for people by phone number, name, and more. I was very surprised and impressed!

Sites with Lists of Useful Genealogy webpages

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

Avotaynu's List of Genealogy Sites

Journal of Online Genealogy

A lot of info here, articles & links

LDS Links

Brothers Keeper:

Good Genealogy program with gedcom,updated version

LDS Family History Library

Be patient with the library catalog

LDS Family History Centers

A good alternate if you don't live near the National Archives.
They are usually housed in Mormon churches,
but the family history centers don't preach religion, just genealogy!

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