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Shtetl Research: Kedaniai, Lithuania

by James Gross

Date: Sat, 9 Dec 1995 01:11:27 -0500
Subject: Prenumeration List:Kiedainiai, Lith

Prenumeration List Extract: Keidainiai, Lithuania.

The following names were extracted from three data bases that contain lists of names from various towns, including this one. These Prenumerantion Lists come from various 19th century books and are available from Ed Cohler of the NW Lithuania SIG group. Ed can be reached at: or write to: Ed Cohler 85 Bloomfield St Lexington,Ma 02173

Be advised that Jeffrey Maynard has just told me that the info is his intellectual property. His letter is below. You can reach him at: (

This brief list is courtesy of James H Gross (LARKLANE@JUNO.COM).
It is presented In Memory of Moishe Vilk (aka Vilkiene, Volk).
Born in Shakiai, Lithuania in the 1860's, and married to Cheine (Bloch)
Vilkiene of Panevezys, Lithuania. Cheina was the daughter of Vichne &
Shlpima Bloch. Cheina had a neice named Mirium Bloch who lived in
Vabalninkas, Lithuania.

Index key:
column1=Last Name First Names & Patronymic Titles,
column4=# (Issue Pub.)
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Binyamin ben Yitzchak Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Mattiahu ben Akiva Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Yakov ben Dov Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Eiglik Zavil Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Miriam Yuta Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Achar"ap Yakov Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Einhorn Moshe Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Epshtein Lev Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Even Yehuda Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Oppenheim David Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Abeler Hillel Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Abeler Yisroel Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Elitzur Abba Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Elitzur Eli Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Elkin Mordecai
from Telsiai (Telz) Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Aran Gershon Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Aran Shmariahu Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Yaffe Eizik Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Yaffe Eli Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Shtong Yosef Kadish Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
Dot Ber Keidainiai, Lith Hamaggid 1872
(list is not finished yet)

Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996
Subject: Hamaggid Persian famine donors list - copyright ID

Dear James,
Your website (which I congratulate you on) includes material which is my copyright! About two years ago I gave Ed Cohler a copy of my translation of the Hamaggid Persian Famine lists with permission to circulate them to the members of the NW Lithuanian SIG on diskette. You have a page of Keidaniai Prenumerantem lists by Ed Cohler, which is actually not prenumerantum lists at all, but actually part of my Hamaggid translation.
In fact, a corrected and edited version of the Hamaggid Persian Famine translations is now available on-line at Jewishgen.

However, I do like the work that you have done and appreciate that you have been willing to share information with others, so I therefore give you permission to use extracts from my Hamaggid Persian Famine List Translations, for the towns of Keidaniai and Panevys, on condition that you correctly acknowledge the source and state that the lists are reproduced by permission on condition that they are not reproduced for commercial purposes. Please understand that this is because a considerable investment of time and even some money has gone into this database, and I have legitimate control over its reproduction.
As I had not heard from Ed in over a year, I had assumed that the group was defunct.

I am currently preparing something much more significant for publication, namely an index to the Hamelitz donations (1893 - 1903) from Lithuanian and Latvian towns. I have not yet decided whether to put this on the net or to publish it in book form. Currently there are about 14,000 records - I will publish a first version when I reach 15,000! Incidentally, over a year ago I did supply Ed Cohler with a preliminary copy of part of this index.

Regards and keep up the good work,
Jeffrey Maynard

Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 16:44:27 -0400 From: "A.W.Cassel" Subject: Re: Keidan, Lithuania wrote: > Does anyone have any information about this shtetl (Keidan, Lithuania) > around the time of WWI? It was not too far from Vilna,
There is a lot of information on this town, and as of 7/98 there is a very nice website at:

There is also a JewishGen-sponsored email list specifically set up for Keidaner descendents and others with an interest in the community and its history. To subscribe, simply send an email message to:
with the following message:
Subscribe KEIDAN
If you have any questions, please write me directly. Cheers!
Andrew Cassel ---------------- Subject: Searching: RABINOWITZ, KLEIN (2nd posting) From: Paula Eisenstein Baker Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 12:29:50 -0500 Dear JewishGenners, Rochel RABINOWITZ, b. Keidan (Lithuania) approx. 1878, came to the US in the 1890s with her mother and a younger brother. (Her father, Sander RABINOWITZ, and three older brothers, including my grandfather, were already here.) She and her mother lived in Boston where she used the first name Rosa; they probably used the last name RICHARDS because her father (living in Colorado) had adopted it, but they may have used RABINOWITZ. Rosa married Samuel KLEIN between 1900-1905; a daughter named Sarah (their first child?) was born approx. 1907; they also had at least one son, Morris. I think Rosa died in the 1930s (I will post separately the text of a telegram announcing her death that does not seem to include the year). Does anyone recognize this information or know the KLEIN family in question? TIA. Paula Eisenstein Baker Houston, TX

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