The Gross-Steinberg Family Tree presents:

Records checklist: Have You Found Everything?

by James Gross

I hope this list, though incomplete,
will get you thinking about more things to look for!

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Subject: So you think you found ALL your records?
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 00:27:59 EDT

I came across this on the web and made a few
adjustments. The majority of this list is relevant
to all researchers...

1. School records or yearbooks;
2. A divorce; target may have divorced more than one time.
3. A marriage; target may have remarried more than once.
4. A cooperative relative;
5. The last known address, wiith "Address Correction
    Requested"   written on the outside of the envelope;
6. A copy of the medical records and original birth certificate,
    if obtainable; check city hall and health dept,
7. Copy of  targets death certificate. Identifying correct person
    (DOD) can be narrowed down using LDS Soc Sec database.
8. Search for death records for members of the target family.
    Obtaining the date of death of targets parent or other
    relative may lead to an obituary that may list siblings
    and/or children.
9.  A copy of the coroners report if foul play was involved in a death.
10. A copy of the newspaper article if  the death was newsworthy
     due to its violence or notoriety.
11. Check for professional licensing which requires
      state licensing;
12. Check for criminal history (local police, state police);
13. Voter registration records/Board of Election;
14. Lawsuits, judgments, liens at the county or
      federal courthouse of their home city;
15. Bankruptcy filing (U.S. Bankruptcy Court (Federal);
16. Passport;
17. Colleges, and Universities; Ask the Alumni Office
      to forward a letter.
18. High School or College Fraternity: See if there is a
      person who keeps the old files/records.
19. Military records; Request a copy of their service file.
20. Paternity and child support locator services;
21. Department of Veteran Affairs Affairs
      Veterans Administration (VA); Request a copy of their
      medical file under Freedom of Info Act.
22. Railroad Retirement Board;
23. Corporation records (Secretary of State)
      (if an officer, director or registered agent);
24. Medical Boards, if medical practitioner;
25. State Bar Association, if practicing attorney;
26. Certificate of Citizenship;
27. Local court records, i.e. small claims court,
      municipal court, traffic court, city court;
28. City business license application;
39. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA)(if pilot);
30. Unions, associations and affiliations;
31. Insurance records;
32. Synagogue membership; mens club, sisterhood.
33. Bar/Bat Mitzvah records from Rabbi or synagogue
34. Landsmanshaften records
35. Selective Service Records;
36. Welfare records;
37. City permits;
38. Job applications:
39. Apartment rental applications;
40. Ownership of boats, cars, airplanes, travel trailers;
41. Corporate, partnership, doiing business as files;
43. Criss-Cross & city directories (public library);
44. Auto registration tag records;
45. Probate Court or Surrogate Court records;
46. Old telephone books (white pages, and
      yellow pages for business);
47. Name changes ( County Clerk's Office);
48. County Health Department records relating to health;
49. State/County Property Tax Assessor for properties
      owned by individuals/businesses;
50. Mormon church library (LDS--Latter Day Saints) of
      genealogical records;
51. Truck Driver's License (Dept. Motor Vehicles).
52. Chamber of Commerce (city directories for other
      cities within the state);
53. Immigration and Naturalization records;
54. Main public library historical/genealogical record room;
55. Worker's Compensation records (as available);
56. Alimony obligations (family court)
57. Federal tax liens;
58. Roster of city, county or state employees;
59. Local county historical society records:
60. Old newspaper archive files in hard copy form or microfilm;

shared by:

James H. Gross
Cherry Hill, N.J.
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