The Gross-Steinberg Family Tree presents:

The Lipshitz/Litt Family Tree

by James Gross

This page is dedicated in loving memory to
Breina (Saidel) Steinberg, my great-grandmother...
and my mothers "Bubbie"

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The oldest known relatives of this family are
Hersch Friedman, Isaac Labe Saidel and Baruch Saidel.
They were from Vabalnimnkas and Panevezys, Lithuania.
The Saidel family is related to the Friedman family.

"An orphan boy named HERSH ZAIDEL was brought to
Jerusalem Palestine in the middle of the 19th century
by a childless uncle Reb Hersh Friedman from Ponevezs,
Lithuania. Hersch Zaidels father's name was
Baruch Zaidel and his mother's name was Rivkah.
Hersch Zaidel adopted the surname of his Uncle;
hence Hersch Friedman.

 At the same time some good people brought to jerusalem
a little orphan girl of 9, Eigeleh from Paswol,
Lithuania, who lost her mother at a very young age.
Her father was reb Bezalel Rabinowitz and her mother
was Gittel a ration of the late chief rabbi of
Palestine; Reb Abraham Isaac Hacohen Kook.
Hersch Friedman (was born as Saidel) married
Eiga Rabinowitz in Jerusalem. Hersch was 21 & Eiga 12.
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The Saidel family tree is related to the Friedman Family.
At present I know of 3 Saidel brothers. They are:

I. Moishe Saidel
II. Baruch (Barnet) Saidel.
III. Isaac Labe Saidel

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III. Isaac Labe Saidel
     Isaac m. to Rasha (Bloch) Saidel

     They had 6 children.
     These children included:

     A. Ita (Saidel) Lipshitz
     B. Baruch (Barnet) Saidel
     C. Breina (Saidel Steinberg
     D. Rebecca {Becky} (Saidel) Lipshitz
     E. Jennie (Saidel) Shulman
     F. Israel Seidel

     A. Ita (Saidel) Lipshitz m. to Meyer Lipshitz.

        Meyer and Ita died in South Africa.
        Their surname was shortened to Litt.
        The children include:
        1. Louis Litt
           a. Myron Litt m. Joan
           b. Jacqueline (Litt) m. David Schwartz
        2. Anna (Litt) Geltzer
        3. Sarah (Litt) Klein
           a. Evelyn (Klein) m. Ralph Cohn
        4. Bessie (Litt) Goldberg

     B. Baruch (Barnet) Saidel
         (see  Saidel family )

     C. Breina (Saidel) Steinberg
          (see  Saidel family )
          (see  Steinberg family )

     D. Rebecca {Becky} (Saidel) m. Solomon Lipshitz.

        Their children shortened the name to Litt.
        They had 11 known children.  They include:

       1.  Herman Litt m. Florence (Silver)
       2.  Pearl (Litt) Levine m. Murray Levine.
            a.   Seymour Levine m. Gloria
            b.   Susan (Levine) Gary m. Ed Gary.
            c.   Sandy Levine

       3. Edna Litt m. Samuel Litt,
           a.   Bertram Litt m. Eleanor (Cohen)
           b.   Joyce (Litt) m. Nathan Lubow.

       4.  Rose (Litt) m. Max "Mac" Steinberg.
            a.  Stanley Steinberg m.  Ellie
            b.  Robert Steinberg m. Muriel (Giles)
            c.   Joyce (Steinberg) Gales

       5.  Samuel Litt

       6.  Simon Litt m. Lillian (Neuman)
            a.   Steven Litt m. Sandy
            b.   Renee (Litt) m. Stuart Feldman.
            c.   Leslie Litt

       7. Harry Litt m. Virginia (Bennett)
           a.   Stuart Litt m. Edith (Graber)
           b.   Judith (Litt) m. Dr Stewart Golub.

       8. Morris Litt m. Ann (Fitchenbaun)
           a.   Barry Litt m. Michelle (Black)
           b.   Ruth (Litt) m. Ivan Lisnitzer.

       9.  Selma (Litt) m. Jack Chase
            a. Scott Chase
            b. Patricia Chase

       10.  Jeanette (Litt) Gevert m. Melvin Gevert.
             a.   Denise (Gevert) m. Burt Bragin.
       11. Litt twin-died age 3.

    E. Jennie (Saidel) m. Mayer Shulman.
       (see  Shulman family )

    F. Israel Seidel m. Mollie (Resnick)
       (see  Seidel family )

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