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Shtetl Research:Shakiai, Lithuania

by James Gross


This brief list is presented In Memory of Moishe Vilk (aka Vilkiene, Volk).
Born in Shakiai, Lithuania in the 1860's, and married to Cheine (Bloch) Vilkiene of Panevezys, Lithuania.
Cheina was the daughter of Vichne & Shlpima Bloch. Cheina had a neice named Mirium Bloch who lived in Vabalninkas, Lithuania.


 The National Archives has 3 WWII aerial photos of this town. They are:

TUGX 415 F975 A 42 SK exp#321,scale of 1:41,000
GX 12161 A F77R 44 SD exp#346,scale of 1:12,500

GX 4147 F3119 SG  exp#235 ,scale of 1:22,000
This one has some cloud cover over the site

The negatives are 4.75 each & minimum order is $6.00
If you order, refer to coorespondence# NNSC93-03177/ tkp

Send to:
National Archives
Attn: Robert Richardson
Washington,DC 20408

   I have some distant Friedman relatives who origionated from the
area of Panevezys and emigrated to Palestine around 1900. Not all
went to Palestine, now Israel. I have a Morris Friedman (aka Saidel)
who came to the US in 1912. My Friedmans are closely related to
Saidels as a Saidel was brought up by his Friedman relatives.

The Israel branch included the family of Hersh & Aya Friedman. They
had several children including a Rabbi Shmuel Friedman. Shmuel is a
distant 1st cousin of my grandfather, Dr. Nathan Steinberg. From an
old photograph I have the following posing together: Hersh & Aya
Friedman, Bizalel Friedman (Brother of Hersh) married to Dvora or Kreina.
Other relatives were Yakov & Sheina Haitovich (S. Africa branch),
 Chaja  Yakinson and his wife Mirium with little girl Rivka, baby
 Chiam Noah & son Naftali. Avraham & Mirium Perlstein (S. Africa branch).

I hope the above info is of help to you.
James Gross
From: CBroches 
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 11:59:47 EST
Subject: Sakiai, Lith

I recently sent a request to the Lithuanian State Archives to search two towns
- SAKIAI & CEKISKE for the name WINNIK.

I received some information that I'm not sure if it's my family, but if these
names mean something to you, please let me know.
-The birth records of Israel-Zelman, Itzko-Leib and the death record of Itzko-
Leib, sons of Meyer ben Shmuel Winnik and Dvora

-The death record of Meyer ben Shmuel Winnik, 68 years old
-The birth record of Wolf, son of Shmerel Winnik and Gitta
-The death record of Shmerel Winnionski (Winnik?), 45 years old
-The death record of Gitta, wife of Shmerel Winnionik (Winnik?). 48 years old.
-the marriage record of Shmuel-Movsha ben Shloma Gitelman and Luba

Hope this helps someone -

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