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Date:    Fri, 19 Dec 1997 20:43:18 -0500
From:    Max Bundman <>
Subject: Ellis  Island

Recently someone inquired how to tell whether an immigrant was processed at
Ellis Island or at Castle Garden. At any particular time only one address
was used as the immigrant receiving center for the Port of New York .

The complete history of the immigrant receiving center for the port of New
York is as follows:

        August 1, 1855-April 18, 1890: Castle Garden
        April 19, 1890-December 31, 1891: Barge Office
        January 1, 1892-June 13, 1897: Ellis Island
        June 14, 1897-December 16, 1900: Barge Office
        December 17, 1900-1924: Ellis Island

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