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the Panevezys, Lithuania Info Dump (2 of 3)

by James Gross

Date: 6/18/96
Dear fellow Panevezys researcher,
The following is page 2 of my compilation of recent and past letters from researchers doing Panevezys,Lithuania research. I urge you to submit your names to the JGFF (Jewish Genealogical Family Finder) as many of you have not done so yet. I have a link to it via Jewishgen. Its on my "jump" link at the bottom of this page.
take care-
James H. Gross
Cherry Hill,N.J.
Member JGS of Phila

Date: Sun, 23 Jun 1996
Subject: Panevezys Update
Dear Jim:
I have spent the last few hours reviewing and updating my recently acquired information and realize that the data I sent before may be incorrect.
Here it is:
The Panevezys connection comes from my maternal grandmother, Ethel Schwartzman (Herman, nee Barron). Her father was Avram who was from Panevezys. Her mother, Faiga, was from Gelezai.My maternal grandfather, Sam Herman (originally Orchick Aaron Barron) was from Pushalot and/or Kavarskas.
Joseph H. Miller
Lexington, Kentucky

From: Hyam Singer To:
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 1996
Subject: Panevezys
Dear Mr. Gross,
I got your name and email address from the ShtetLinks page within JewishGen. I've recently learned that my family either 3 or 4 generations back was from Panevezys. I recently came across some family historical information written by my uncle (now deceased) in which he indicates that either my great grandfather or my great, great grandfather, Zundell Chazan, was the chazan at the Great Synagogue in Panevezys. Our family's surname was anglicized from Chazan to Singer by my father's father in 1885 when he mov moved to Ireland.
I'm trying to obtain whatever information I can about my ancestry in Pazevezys and would appreciate any information or recommendations that you might be able to provide. Thank you in advance.
Hyam Singer

Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996
Subject: Traupis/Trape/Treip Vilkomir/Poneivez Lithuania
If anyone has suggestions as to how I could learn more about my ancestors' town, I would appreciate them. Please contact me directly at:

Date: Thu, 8 Aug 1996
From: Brian Jackson (
Subject: Glick, Bollel, Turgen, Zucks, Immerman
Just wanna see if I have any relatives who I don't know with the above names. The names are all from the Baltic states of Lithuania around the city of Ponovezs, which contained a famous Yeshivah which is now in Bnei Brak
Brian Jackson

From: Brian Jackson (
To: James H Gross (
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996
Dear James,
This is a really fantastic idea. I hope that this will go to everyone. 3 branches of my family come from Panevezyz. My Gradfather Bene (Beinash) Glick came from a shtetl called VerdoklerHe was born around 1905 or thereabouts . His father's name was Yunkel Glick and his mother was yenta Glick (originally she was a Marcus). Yunkel (My great grandfather) knew Rav Kahnaman (Not sure of the exact spelling) quite well and when Rav Kahnaman came to Johannesburg after the war he was very happy to meet my Grandfather because he had known Yunkel of Verdokler his father in Lithuania.

My grandfather had 5-6 brothers and a Sister. As far as we know they were all killed during the Holocaust. We received fairly scnty information about this branch of the family. My Grandfather, may he rest in Peace passed away in 1971 and I am named after him.
My grandmother Freda Glick (originally Freda Bollel) was born in either 1908 or 1910 in Panevezyz itself. She went to the gymnasium Beth Yaakov School. She was involved with Hashomer Hatzair. Her father Moshe Eliezer (Morris) Bollel was born around 1870 also in Panevezyz. His wife was Riva (Rivka) Bollel formerly Turgen. He passed away a few years after my gradmother was born. My gradmother and grandfather left Lithuania in the mid 30's and settled in Johannesburg in the suburbs of Bez Valley and Cyreldiene (Also not sure of the spelling). My grandmother (may she rest in peace) passed away last year.

My Great grandfather on my father's side was also born near Panavezyz and his name was Yehudah Leib Zucks. he left Lithuania around the turn of the century and went to Ireland (where the family name was changed by the Irish Authorities to Jackson) and later on to South Africa.
I would love to hear anyone with names that match and I think that this is a great idea.
Shana Tova Tikatevu,
Brian Raphael Jackson
Perth Western Australia

Dear James,
Thank you very much for what you are doing putting together the people researching Panevezys ancestry. I am now contacting everybody that you mention in your letters. I was born in Panevezys but my parents emigrate to Uruguay (South America) when I was a child. Do you know if there are Jewish living now in Panevezys and if is yes, how to contact them? Regards.
Jacob Gurevich

Date: Tue, 23 May 1995
From: Harold Rhode (
Subject: First Names in Tsarist Records
After examining hundreds of birth, census (Revision Lists), and marriage records, I have com eto the conclusion that many of the names listed in these documents were either intentionally corrupted, or that many of our ancestors were known by names which were not their "legal" names. For example, there was a Leiba Mendel Pazernov from Vilkomir, Kovna Guberniia the names of whose ancestors and four wives we knew quite well. We tried to get his records and nothing came up. We did get records for an Abram Leib Paznerov, whose father was the same person that our Leiba Mendel's father was. But since our Leiba Mendel had a brother named Avraham Chaim, we "knew" this Avraham Leib could not be the right person.

Well, after receiving 1897 census documents, 1855 census documemnts, 1874 documents, and a few birth records from the family, it became crystal clear that the Abram Leib listed in the records was in fact our Leiba Mendel. We realized this because some of this guy's children and nephews were listed along with their dates of birth in the records we received.

Moreover, some of his children weren't listed at all. I can now only speculates as to why this is true. What is clear however, that if you order documents from any of the services which can provide them from the former USSR,you might want to order the records of all the siblings of your ancestor, because your ancestor might not be listed by the name you knew him and if you only ordered a document for that ancestor, the researxher could easily fail to find what you are searching for because there is an excellent chance that your ancestor, if he was legally registered anywhere, was registered under another first name. Good luck, and share your results with us please.
Harold Rhode
| Internet:

Full-Name: James H Gross
Subject: Re: Family from Panevezys
Hi, I just found your homepage with Panevezys correspondance - so I figured I would add my family. My grandfather Abram GINSBERG was born in Shalamus -a shtetl 7 miles from Panevezys -but when he was two years old, during WW1, the Germans lefletted telling civilians to get out as they were about to fight the Russian there, and therefore the family walked in the snow, into Paneveys proper - were they lived until they moved to South Africa. The family took up residence in a house (which, from what I understand, belonged to relatives, but the relatives had been forced into central Russia due to the decree of the Tzar's uncle that all Jews must be moved out of Lithuania to Central Russia to prevent them aiding the Germans.

My grandfather thinks that the family didn't go because they were in a tiny shtetl and not in the city at the time. After WWI, he attended the Yeshiva that Rav Kahaneman headed, and then trained as a shochet (at his mother's insistance), before heading out to South Africa in the late 1920's. His older sister Rivka GINSBERG married David LAZAR and moved to Israel in the early 1930's. His younger sister Elka GINSBERG and his mother Shifra Leah (nee COHEN) didn't move to South Africa until 1936.

The GINSBERG family were apparently originally from Shalok and Abram GINSBERG's father Lazar was one of 11 brothers (and no sisters). Lazar's father was Zalman Dov GINSBERG (d 1935) and his mother was Elka (maiden name unknown). I only know the names of three of the brothers besides Lazar Ginsberg: Yankel Ginsberg, the oldest (who married first Chava (KAGAN) and then Miriam Anne (BARKER) and had a total of six children .Yudel Ginsberg who married Shaina; and Shmuel Benyamin Ginsberg(1880-1954) who married Sora Henna LAN and had six children ,all of whose children, I believe, married in South Africa, and not in Lithuania).

In contrast to the GINSBERG's who came from Shalok originally, I know that the COHEN/KAGAN/KAHAN family were from Panevezys. The patriarch of the family was Zev Velve KAGAN/COHEN (although Zev was either the brother or the nephew of Alexander Sender HaCOHEN KAPLAN famous as the author of the Shalmei Nedarim, - and who was a Rav in various places, including Shoveli, and who ended up being Rav for 40 years in Kupeshik).

Zev (wife's name unknown) had six children:

(1) Dovid Falke KAGAN m Sora Henna (2) Itze KAGAN who married Braine;
(3) Avram Abbe COHEN who married Rochel Asne and had:
(4) Reize Gita KAGAN m Shimon Moishe MALAMID and had Yankel (who married twice, the second time to a YUDELMAN)
(5) Noach KAGAN m Unknown and who had Sholam,Ze'ev,Dovid Falke and Shabshe.
(6) Rivka KAGAN m Avron KUSHNER and had Noach, Moshe, Pinchas, Wolf and Chava. (Chava married Morris ABELANSKY).
I hope somebody on the Panevezys list may find this useful.
Chana Luntz
Note:Contact Chana for complete tree

From: "Martin N. Kruger" (
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996
Dear Mr. Gross
I am tracking following and possibly you can advise how I can find out about these people:
Tzvi Heirsh KRIGER/Kruger born 13.08.1836 in Kravenova, Lithuania (near Panevezys). Riva Leah VITTENCZ born about 1845 in Panevezys, Lithuania.
Looking forward to hearing back from you
Martin Kruger

From: S Hetland (
Date: Sat, 02 Nov 96
Subject: panavezys
I would like to work together to gather information regarding the Jewish community of Panavezys. My great-great grandfather, Aryeh Leib (Yehudah Leib) Hillman was married to Freida. They had two children: Mushke and Moshe Binyamin (b.1866). They emigrated to Jerusalem in 1870 and were of the first 100 families of Meashearim. Any suggestions?

From: "Joseph H. Miller" (
To: (
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 1996
Subject: WebPage
Dear Jim:
I didn't find a connection yet, but I enjoyed your creation---nice work. My great-grandfather, whose surname was BARRON, was most likely from Panevezys. Let me know if you run across anything.
L'Shana Tovah,
Joseph H. Miller
Lexington, Kentucky

Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996
Subject: Searching Lena WEINER
Searching for information on Lena WEINER a member of the LUN (LOON) family from Paneveyz, Lithuania. Family immigrated to South Africa early 20th century. Lena lived in Cape Town until her death late 1970s. She had two sons in South Africa.
Alfred Lipsey

From: Gary Fitleberg(no e-mail!)
TO: James H Gross
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996
Subject: Re: panavezys
I would like to work together to gather information regarding the Jewish community of Panavezys. My great-great grandfather, Aryeh Leib (Yehudah Leib) Hillman was married to Freida. They had two children: Mushke and Moshe >Binyamin (b.1866). They emigrated to Jerusalem in 1870 and were of the first 100 families of Meashearim. Any suggestions?
I am using the internet at work and don't want to get in any trouble. Please mail a response to my attention, Gary Fitleberg, 24106 Kittridge Street, West Hills, CA 91307. Thanks !!!!

From: Brian Jackson (
To: James H Gross (
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996
Subject: Panevezys e-mail info dump
Do you have a lot of stuff that you have collected because I would really like some more information about the city anad the surrounding villages and shtetls so whatever info you come to please send me.
Brian Raphael Jackson

Date: Sat, 26 Oct 1996
I see that you (BETTE) not only have family from Mogielnica, but, you also have relatives from Lithuania (in particular, PANEVEZYS). Your name was found at James Gross's interesting web site at
I found this site to be particularly well done. It was a wealth of information!!

The following info is on one side of my family. On my mother's side, her father came from BLEDOW. Her mother came from Postavy in the Vilna Guberniya. However, her mother's father came from Vidzy (Vilna Guberniya). They spread their tentacles over over other areas of the Vilna Guberniya and into parts of present day Lithuania (SALAKAS & PANEVEZYS)...

A survivor from Vidzy mentioned that they were not allowed to purchase Matzohs for Passover there, due to the Communists. She remembers that as a child in the 1940's they used to go to Panevezys to buy Matzohs. She recalls that they used to buy Matzohs at a Matzoh factory there from a ZALMON MOGILNIK. That is my grandmother's maiden name from Postavy (Her father, grandfather, great-grandfather...were all from Vidzy).

I am interested in 2 pieces of information about Panevezys:
1. Can anyone you know do a lookup in the 1934-1940 or so timeperiod in the equivalent of a City or Business Directory? I would like to know if this name or any similar permutations appear. DO NOT DISCOUNT A SPELLING PERMUTATION SUCH AS MOGILNIKOFF OR MAGILNIK.
2. Secondly, do you know of any survivors (born before 1900) who could personally confirm knowledge of this gentleman or similar information? Thank you very, very much.
Morris Wirth

Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996
From: Zvi Griliches (
Subject: Other Lithuanian Records
Chana Luntz asks about other possible business records from Lithuania:
a. Business directories. If your grandfather was a manufacturer, his factory may be listed in one of factory handbooks for all Russia (Lithuania was part of Russia then). Also, possibly in Vsya Rossia, under the relevant town and business heading.
b. Voting lists of 1908-10. Try Beider.
c. If he was a merchant of some class, he would be listed in one of the merchant directories. Some of them are available in Russian libraries, at least in StPetersburg.
d. If he was a philanthropist, he may show up in one of the Maggid-Hamelitz contributors list.
Zvi Griliches
Cambridge, MA

From: (Harry Hurwitz)
To: larklane@juno.Com
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996
Subject: Panevezys Group
For: James H. Gross
Please include me in your Panevezys Group. My ggfather, Ben-Tzion (Berre- Benche) BROIDE (b. in 1830's, judging by his photograph taken in 1905) was from Panevezys, as was his wife, Rieva SKLAR, whose mother was Eljela. They had 15 children, of whom 3 died young. They have many descendants in U.S.A., South Africa and Israel. Their married daughter, Sara-Dvora, (my gmother, b.1875), ran a dairy farm with female helpers only, on the outskirts of Panevezys from about 1900 to 1906 and prospered mightily. I have some family stories about this period. I have much info on the descendants of Ben-Tzion and Rieva. Has anybody in the group found any of the above names in vital records, census lists, etc.?
Harry Hurwitz
Rehovot, Israel

Date: Sun, 3 Nov 1996
From: Brian Yudelowitz (
Subject: Searching: FEINBERG, Lithuania
I am trying to trace my g.grandfather's Moshe (Moses) Aron FEINBERG and his brother Saja (ISAIAH) Feinberg's family. They lived in PANEVEZYS, Lith. I have a photograph of their parents ,that being my g.g.grandfather, AVIGDOR FEINBERG taken in KOVNO. Moshe Aron Feinberg and his brother SAJA Feinberg came to SOUTH AFRICA in the 1890's. SAJA did not like South Africa and returned to Panevezys. After his death his wife and remaining children came to South Africa. I have 8 to 9 generations of these two brothers virtually complete but I wish to find the rest of their family.

MOSHE Aron Feinberg married GUTTE MIRIAM (Solomon) Feinberg. Two of Gutte's brothers, SCHMUEL Solomon and Isaac Solomon came to SOUTH AFRICA. They were the children of ZVI Solomon. Saja Feinberg married first a MISS (Kotzen) Feinberg and then her neice Chase (Kotzen) Feinberg. Chase was the daughter of DAVID Kotzen.

I have been told that two members of this family emigrated to America and according to legend started KAISER MILLS, I have no evidence to substantiate this company ever existed. I have also been told that 2 members emigrated to LEIPZIG in GERMANY where it is believed they perished in the HOLOCAUST. Other members were also believed to have perished in PANEVEZYS in the HOLOCAUST but as yet I have yet not been able to substantiate this either.
Can anyone help,

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996
Subject: Panevezys
Please add my name to the researcher list of Panavezys, Lithuania. I am researching the surnames DEMBO and HILLMAN from my maternal family.
My great-great grandfather was Arye Leib/Yehudah Leig Hillman ben Moshe. He married Freida. Their children were Mushke and Moshe Binyamin. The family made aliyah to Eretz Yisroel in 1870. The Hillman family was one of the first 100 original families of Meashearim, Jerusalem, Palestine. They were from the famous HILLMAN Lithuanian rabbinical family. Aryeh Leib/Yehudah Leib later remarried Hendah Gittel bas Chaim Ze'ev. Their son was Yosef. My great-grandfather Moshe Binyamin HILLMAN married Masha Reizel SOFER bas Yitzchak Ze'ev SOFER. Their children were Chana Rivke, Yaacov Eliyahu (my grandfather), Freida, Meir, Yitzchak and Moshe Binyamin (born after his father died). All eventually emigrated to the USA except Meir.
I would like to learn about my ancestral roots especially the DEMBO and HILLMAN families and about Panavezys. I am presently a member of the JGSLA. Thanks in advance for your anticipated attention and cooperation regarding this very important matter.
Gary Fitleberg
24106 Kittridge Street
West Hills, CA 91307

Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996
Subject: Panevezys
Hello -
I am just beginning my research so this is like a smorgasborg and I don't know where to begin.
My maternal grandmother and her family came from Panevezys, but, when she and her sisters and mother came over to the US in about 1905, they changed their surnames. I would like to know where to start to look for my family. I do know that their original name was Dvornik or Dvornak. Their father and brother emigrated to South Africa sometime around 1900, but the trail goes cold there. Any help getting going would be greatly appreciated.
Helene Buchman

Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 00:36:59 +0000 From: ANN Subject: GERSHOVSKY - Panevezys & South Africa I am posting this for a friend who is not on the Internet. She is looking for her family from Panevezys, the GERSHOVSKY's. The father, Abram GERSHOVSKY, left Panevezys for Durban, South Africa, in the 1920's while his sons went in the 1930's. One, Berel GERSHOVSKY, went to Cape Town and the other son, Shlomo GERSHOVSKY, went to Johannesburg. Please contact me if you have any information on this family at: Ann Rabinowitz Miami Beach, FL

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