The Gross-Steinberg Family Tree presents:

Polish Shtetl Research

by James Gross

RESEARCH INFO: Radziechowie, & Mukanie, Poland

HISTORY: Between 1772 and 1795, Poland was partitioned between
   Russia, Austria, and Prussia, and ceased to be an independent
   nation for over 100 years, until it was re-established after
   WWI in 1918.
      Between the wars, newly independent Poland included parts
   of former Russian gubernias of Vilna, Grodno and Volhynia;
   former Austrian province of Galicia; and Prussian Poznan and
   West Prussia.
      After WWII, nearly one half of inter-war Poland (eastern
   provinces: Wilno, Nowogrodek, Polesie, Wolyn, Tarnopol,
   Stanislawow and parts of Lwow and Bialystok) became part of
   the Soviet Union -- these areas are now part of Ukraine,
   Belarus and Lithuania.  Poland gained former German areas:
   most of Pommern (Pommerania), Brandenburg, Schlesien
   (Silesia), West Prussia, and half of East Prussia.

  Depends upon the occupying power: Russian, Austria, Prussia.
  RUSSIAN POLAND (Kingdom of Poland):
    1808: Civil registration established by Napoleon.
          Jews and others are included in Catholic registers.
    1826: Separate registers are kept for each religious
          community: Roman Catholic, Jewish, Russian Orthodox...
    1868: Record-keeping switches from Polish to Russian
    For more information of vital records see JewishGen InfoFile
    Civil registration began in 1787, but not enforced until
       the mid-nineteenth century.
    Civil registration began in 1874.

   Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwow Panstwowych; ul. Dluga 6;
      Skr. Pocztowa Nr 1005; 00-950 Warszawa; POLAND.
      {Requires $30 deposit, hourly fee $15, copies $10 each}.
   Records over 100 years old are located throughout a
      dozen-plus regional archives, but write to main archives
      listed above.
   Records less than 100 years old are still stored at the local
      Civil Registrar's office.  Write to:
      Urzad Stanu Cywilnego; [YourTown]; POLAND --
      they may or may not be responsive.

   "Polish-Jewish Genealogical Research - A Primer", by
      Jeffrey K. Cymbler, Avotaynu IX:2 (Summer 1993), pp. 4-12.
      {An excellent overview of available sources}.
   "Jewish Genealogical Research in Polish Archives", by
      Prof. Jerzy Skowronek (former State Archivist of Poland),
      Avotaynu X:2 (Summer 1994), pp. 5-8.
   "Location of Western Galician Vital Statistics Records"
      by Izabela Pazdziorek, Avotaynu VII:2 (Summer 1991), 14-15.
   "Demographic Records of Galicia, 1772-1919", by Suzan Wynne.
      Avotaynu VIII:2 (Summer 1992), pp. 7-11.  {Includes
      inventory of records from eastern Galicia now in Warsaw}.

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