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The Saidel Family Tree

by James Gross

This page is dedicated in loving memory to
Breina (Saidel) Steinberg, my great-grandmother...
and my mothers "Bubbie"

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Israel Moshe Zaidel m. Rivkah
from the town of Panevezys,Lithuania

7  known Saidel siblings:
*I  *  Isaac Labe Saidel{Phila family} <==============
*II *  Bernard "Boruch" Seidel{Del/DC}
*III*   "Itzi" Seidel{Baltimore,MD}
*IV *   Breina (Seidel) Kravitz{New Haven,Ct}
*V  *   unknown sister
*VI *   Rivka (Seidel) Rome{Fallsburg,NY}
*VII*  Hersh [Saidel] Friedman{Israel/SA/AU}

*I*. Isaac Labe Saidel
     Isaac m. to Rasha (Bloch) Saidel

     They had 6 children.
     These children included:

     A. Ita (Saidel) Lipshitz
     B. Baruch (Barnet) Saidel
     C. Breina (Saidel Steinberg
     D. Rebecca {Becky} (Saidel) Lipshitz
     E. Jennie (Saidel) Shulman
     F. Israel Seidel

     A. Ita (Saidel) Lipshitz m. to Meyer Lipshitz.

        Meyer died in South Africa. Ita Lipshitz
        came to the US with their 4 children.
        Their surname was shortened to Litt.
        The children include:
        1. Louis Litt
        2. Anna (Litt) Geltzer
        3. Sarah (Litt) Klein
        4. Bessie (Litt) Goldberg

     B. Barnet Saidel married #1 Rachael Saidel,
        "Baruch"              #2 married Ida (Springle)
        He had 3 children.
        1. Meyer Saidel died as a teenager,
        2. William Saidel m. Minnie (Karlowitz)
        3. Sam Saidel m. Anna (Cohen)

     C. Breina (Saidel) m. Solomon Yoel Steinberg.

        They had 6 children, of which 4 survived:
        1. Albert Steinberg m. Anna (Skobinsky)
        2. Dr. Nathan Steinberg m. Reba (Green/Geringer)
        3. Elsie (Steinberg) m. Albert Gilderman
        4. Edna Steinberg

     D. Rebecca {Becky} (Saidel) m. Solomon Lipshitz.

        Their children shortened the name to Litt.
        They had 11 known children.  They include:

       1.  Herman Litt m. Florence (Silver)
       2.  Pearl (Litt) Levine m. Murray Levine.
       3.  Edna Litt m. Samuel Litt,
       4.  Rose (Litt) m. Max "Mac" Steinberg.
       5.  Samuel Litt
       6.  Simon Litt m. Lillian (Neuman)
       7. Harry Litt m. Virginia (Bennett)
       8. Morris Litt m. Ann (Fitchenbaun)
       9.  Selma (Litt) m. Jack Chase
       10.  Jeanette (Litt) Gevert m. Melvin Gevert.
       11. Litt twin-died age 3.

    E. Jennie (Saidel) m. Mayer Shulman.
       (see  Shulman family )
       They had 4 children before Jennie died.
       The children include:
       1. Rose Shulman (Died as a teenager),
       2. Morris Shulman m. to Stella (Kafin)
       3. Lillian (Shulman) m. Sam Blender
       4. Sidney Shulman m. to Jean

    E.(cont.) Jennie (Saidel) Shulman passed away
        as a result of childbirth. After Jennie died,
        Mayer Shulman m. #2 Sarah (Goldstein)
        They had 1 child, Pearl.
       1. Pearl (Shulman) m. Martin Bronstein.

    F. Israel Seidel m. Mollie (Resnick)
       They had 3 children:
      1. Daniel Seidel married Blanch
      2. Esther (Seidel) m. Phil Richman
      3. Tobey (Seidel) m. Jack Comer.

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