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by James Gross

Disclaimer: This not a professional html discussion.

Hi there,
I know that you are probably fustrated at the overly HIGH technical level that people seem to be ASSUMING you have! I am writing this page to try and help those of you who are very new with accessing information on the web. I am going to discuss saving my webpages, which will help you with many of the pages on the web. We will assume that you figured out how to launch your netscape or microsoft browser because you are already at my webpage.
The #1 question you have is: I found that great page, how do I save it?
The first way is to just print the page out. That is nice, but you can't save it this way or e-mail it to anyone.Not only that, but if you have an old printer like I do, it may come out bad anyway.
The second way is to save it. Most people like to save things. Many of you know that there is a "save" and "save as" button under the file section on netscape and microsoft. If you have tried this before, you may have ended up with an encoded html page. That means it still has all the web (HTML) code in it. So, how do you get rid of it? By stripping it using a de-html program. Click here for a good de-html program !
I hope this helps you out...

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