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Ships: A Few Research Sources

by James Gross

Some info on ships

Date:    Wed, 8 Oct 1997 09:47:35 +0000
From:    Nick Martin <>
Subject: Ships references

Dear Fellow JewishGenners:

I notice there are often questions about the ships our ancestors came
over on.  As an ocean liner enthusiast, I can tell you that there are a
number of good reference books that have come out over the years.  Most
are out of print and yet may be available at larger libraries.  My
favorite first choice is: GREAT PASSENGER SHIPS OF THE WORLD, by Arnold
Kludas, which has been published and republished in 6 volumes since 1975
(currently out of print).  There are many other references - some
dealing only with transatlantic liners, some only with ships of a
certain line (Cunard, White Star, P & O, etc.).

The "short hop" ships are a lot more difficult - for example, those that
went from Hamburg or Calais to Southampton, LeHavre, or Dover, but did
not continue over the Atlantic.  My father, for example, took one from
Hamburg to Newcastle, and it took me years to find any reference to it.
These smaller vessels can often be found, however, but it may take some

One good reference is: "British and Dominion Warships of WWII," by
Lenton and Colledge (1964).  This book, which is unfortunately not
indexed by ship's name, includes not only typical warships but all the
big and little commercial boats of every description which were taken
into service during WWII.  Not all passenger vessels were taken into
service, but many of them were.

Another important reference: the US Navy issued a merchant vessel
recognition book in 1943 (perhaps other years as well), and just about
anything afloat at the time can be found in there (including my dad's
little ship, the Tyne-Tees "Craster").

Someone recently asked about the TEUTONIC: Kludas' book, Volume 1, shows
that it was a two-stack White Star liner, launched about 1889, a sister
ship to the Majestic, broken up in 1921.  Information can also be found
in "Falling Star" (about the White Star line) by Eaton and Haas, 1990.

As for the recent inquiry about the Pembroke Castle: I am unable to find
a reference.

With best regards,

Nick Martin
Bend, Oregon

Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 12:28:28 -0400 From: "Gertrude S. Ogushwitz" Subject: Passenger Ship Info 1. Book:SHIPS OF OUR ANCESTORS by Michael J. Anuta, Menominee, MI 49858- 9775. Photos of ships; try your JGS, local library or order a copy. 2. Where to write for information and pictures: a. LDS collections; ask at your local FHC b. Steamship Historical Soc of America 414 Pelton Avenue Staten Island, NY 10310 c. Steamship Historical Society of America University of Baltimore Library 1420 Maryland Avenue Baltimore, MD 21201 d. Mariner's Museum Newport News, VA 23606 e. Peabody Museum of Salem Salem, MA 01970 f. Mystic Seaport Museum Mystic, CT 06355 g. Write for a catalog which includes passenger liner information: Dover Publications, Inc. 31 East 2nd Street Mineola, NY 11501-3582

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