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The Shulman Family Tree

by James Gross

This page is dedicated in memory to
Mayer Shulman and Sidney Shulman, men of good deeds...

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Sarah Rivkah (Bloch) Shulman
was one of 4 children:
A. Sarah Rivkah (Bloch) Shulman B. Rasha (Bloch) Saidel C. Cheina Gittel (Bloch) Volk D. Schmuel Yankel Bloch Isaac Shulman married Sarah Rivkah (Bloch) (daughter of Reb Shleime Leib Bloch and Vilchne Bloch). Isaac and Sarah had 4 children: I. Morris Shillman II. Barnet Shillman III. Esther (Shulman) Goldstein IV. Mayer Shulman I. Morris Shillman married Sarah (Jaffe) Morris & Sarah had 2 children: A. Irving Shillman B. Deena (Shillman) Spitz A. Irving Shillman married Florence (Feinblum) 1. Jay Shillman married Ellen (Bluestone) a. Michael Shillman b. Jenny Shillman c. Jacob Shillman 2. Sara (Shillman) married Andrew Feinstein. a. Frederick Feinstein b. Katie Feinstein B. Deena (Shillman) married Jack Spitz. 1. Henry Spitz married #1 Judy #2 Susan (Abrams) a. Rebecca Spitz b. Jake Spitz 2. Sidney Spitz married Spitz. a. Mark Spitz b. Ricki Spitz II. Barnet Shillman married Rachael (Price) A. Tobey (Shillman) married Lee Rein. 1. Alan Rein married Mary a. Nathan Rein b. Abraham Rein 2. Danny Rein married Ingrid a. Sonia Rein B. Florence (Shillman) married Peter Keveson. 1. Jacqueline Keveson a. George Keveson III. Esther (Shulman) married Harry Goldstein. Esther died May 28 1948, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Jacob Cemetary. A. Eunice (Goldstein) Rappaport married Albert Rappaport, Eunice & Albert died Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Jacob Cemetary. 1. Jerry Rappaport married Ruth (Genet) a. Bruce Rappaport b. Gary Rappaport 2. Sheila (Rappaport) m. Eli Glass a. Eric Glass b. Lisa Glass B. Sigmund Goldstein died Jun 14 1998, Phila,Pa. IV. Mayer Shulman married #1 Jennie (Saidel) #2 Sarah (Goldstein) Mayer born 1883, Jennie (Saidel) Shulman born July 8, 1886, Panevezys, Lithuania, [daughter of Isaac Labe Saidel and Rose "Rasha" (Bloch) Saidel] died Jan 5 1917, Phila,Pa, buried: Har Jehuda Cemetary, Sarah (Goldstein) Shulman, born 1882, died Oct 5 1973, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Jacob Cemetary. Mayer died Feb 17 1971, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Jacob Cemetary. A. Rose Shulman died May 10 1924, Phila,Pa, buried: Har Jehuda Cemetary. B. Sidney Shulman born Dec 31 1916, Phila,Pa, married Jean (Perkis) Sidney died Nov 20 1987, Phila,Pa, buried: Mt Jacob Cemetary. 1. Ellen (Shulman) m. David Tuckman a. Deborah Tuckman b. Ron Tuckman c. Michael Tuckman 2. David Shulman married Claudia (Cerciello) a. Joshua Shulman C. Lillian (Shulman) married Sam Blender. 1. Joan (Blender) married Steve Ominsky. a. Shana Ominsky b. Daniel Ominsky c. Amie Ominsky 2. Gail (Blender) married #1 Armond Loeb #2 Howard Kunrevther. a. David Loeb b. Michael Loeb c. Joel Kunrevther d. Laura Kunrevther 3. Elayne (Blender) married #1 Raymond Fleishhacker #2 Itzik Lorant. a. Aviva Lorant b. Yael Lorant D. Morris Shulman married Stella (Kafin) 1. Judith (Shulman) married Jeff Waldman. a. Stacy Waldman married Dion. b. Jonathan Waldman c. Karen Waldman 2. Bernard Shulman married Barbara a. Matthiew Shulman b. Peter Shulman 3. Carol Shulman E. Pearl (Shulman) married Martin Bronstein. 1. Joyanna (Bronstein) married Larry Horne. a. Samuel Horne b. Rebecca (Horne) married Walter Meyer. 2. Rabbi Robert Bronstein m. Francis

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