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Shtetl Research: Zalescikia, Ukraine

by James Gross

This page is dedicated in loving memory to
of Jacob Geringer and the Kramer daughters who never made it to America...

Zalescikia, Ukraine (formerly Austria) Research
by James Gross

Hello. I decided to be nice and share my info by writing down and posting my Zalescikia Research. Be a nice person and share your info too...

Where is Zalescikia, Ukraine (formerly Austria) located?

The shtetl of Zaleshchiki is located in the Ukraine.
It was formerly a part of the Austrio-Hungarian empire prior to WWI
Its coordinates are 48 38'/25 44'
It is situated 45 NNW of Chernovtsy. Its pop was 2,485.
The area is also referred to as Tarnopol.
There is a book on it dated 1955 at Yivo (3/47248),
Jewish Theological Seminary (Ref +DS135 E8 E55 v.3), & NYPL *PX+ .

I obtained the following from the National Archives,
Cartiographic Dept
Washington,D.C. 20408.
My letter was dated 12/21/92 and it is listed as
coorespondence # NNSC92-3233/tkp
WWII Aerial photos:
file# GX 4851 F85C SD, exposure # 176 ,scale 1:10,500, dated 4/4/44, partial snow cover. file# GX 4314 F157 SD , exposure #48, scale 1:14,000,dated 5/4/44

Army map of Zalescikia:
Record Group 77, Series N501, sheet NM 35-10, scale of 1:250,000, Dated 1949. (I think this may be a reprint of a German map entitled " Kolomyja" at scale 1:200,000. Kolomyja is a reprint of a German map at scale 1:75,000 dated 1902. A copy of the map is 5.40 (electrostatic copy) photos are 4.76 per negative. ( buy the negative & make your own print)

The other source is Geneology Unlimited in Orem, Utah (1-800-666-4363) They have an excellent map : Stock# ME75 ,Description is "Zalesczcyki" #4575 cost is 12.00 plus 3.50 shipping. I ordered mine 12/17/92

YIVO RESEARCH Dated 1/25/93, Subject: Zalescikia

I did some research at Yivo in NYC on 1/25/93. From Yivo's catalog, I identified and requested box #8 containing Zalescikia Landsmanshaften info. The organization is entitled: "Zaleszczker Kraken Untershititsongs Verien". It had several people listed as members. The coorespondence dealt with cemetary repairs being made to group plots at Washington Cemetary and Mt Hebron Cemetary. The document was a contract between Weitzner Brothers/Papper and the organization. It was dated 3/18/54.

I have also done some LDS research:

I found film # 0757268 + 0757269 listing births & marriages from 1763-1836. The area was referred to as Tarnopol, I repeat TARNOPOL.There is also film #0757278. Be advised that these films are not in English.

Lastly, from "Zan" ( Zaleschiki: Small town, on the left bank of the river Dnestr (Dniestr), in the Ukraine, about 60 km (37 mi) from Chernovtsy. It "belongs" to the Tarnopol "district" (similar to our county). Chernovtsy is on the river Prut, close to Romania. It used to be a kind of "Jewish town". Books, that have write-ups and very likely have pictures of this town, found in American libraries.... the language below is Ukrainian in English alphabet, my understanding is that this is how the books are listed at the Berkeley Library. both books are about "the super-beautifull Ternopol Area", the usage of the word "Filadel`fiia" - alas, cannot recall what exactly it's about... something "rings a bell"... below is what I got, from a friend, so far. I think, this is what you get searching libraries on-line. I only added my tranlations of the Ukrainian titles. Title (my translation from Ukrainian): The Ternopol Oblast`(district) Ternopil's'ka oblast' / redaktsiina kolehiia tomu, Nechai S.P. (holova redkolehii) ... [et al.]. Kyiv : Hol. red. Ukrains'koi rad. entsyklopedii Akademii nauk URSR, 1973. Series title: Istoriia mist i sil Ukrains'koi RSR. UCBerkeley Main DK511.T43 T471 Title: By the roads of the golden Podillie (russian name - Podol`ye, this is a historic name of the small region) Shliakhamy zolotoho Podillia / zredaguvav Stepan Konrad. Filiadel'fiia : Ternopil'shchyna, 1960-1983. Series title: Ukrains'kyi arkhiv ; t. 21, 35. UCBerkeley Main DK508.A1 U564 v.21, etc. t. 1-3 (1960-1983)

From: (Toby Aswal) To: Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 19:44:22 -0800 (PST) Subject: Re: Erste Zalocizer landmanshaften search James: I have the following incorporation papers from AJHS: Erste Zalozece Kranken Unterstutzang Verein Zalozitzer Sick and Benevolent Association Inc. Zaleshitzer Chebra Bnai Joseph Congregation Independent Zalosizer Congregation Let me know if you would like me to make copies fo any of them for you. They are all "Certificates of Incorporation 2-3 pages long. I assume this is the same information that can be obtined at 31 Chambers St??? Toby Toby Aswal ------------------------ Subject: Jewgen posting: Zaleshchiki Date: 95-05-25 10:51:34 EDT From: To: Just in case you are interested, and in case you did not already follow this up, the town in Austria mentioned in the immigration records you cite is probably the eastern Galician town of Zaleshchiki (as it is spelled in current Times Atlases; it was Zaleszczyki both between the wars when it was in Poland, and before that when Galicia was a crown land of Austria's within the Austrian--later Austro-Hungarian--Empire). It was in the Soviet Union after WW II and in Ukraine now. It is nowhere near present-day Austria. Its coordinates are (more or less) 48.25N/25.45E. Find Lvov (Ukrainian: Lviv--Lemberg in the Austrian days) near the western edge of post WW II Ukraine. Move east until you find Tarnopol (Ukrainian: Ternopil). Move south until you find Czernowitz (Ukrainian: Chernovtsy; Romanian: Cernauti). About 2/3 the way south you will have crossed the Dniester River. Zaleshchiki is on the river (on the north side) just there, or a smidgin to the west. The river there is entirely within Ukraine. Between the wars, the north side was Poland, the south side Romania. In the Austrian days (until the end of WW I), the north side was Galicia and I think the south side was Bukovina, both being in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Some of my family lived there for a while in the early part of the century. Avrum Fenson -------------------------------- Austria LDS films Birth Index (Matrikel, Geburten) 1199059 1826-1864, 1874-1886 1199060 1887-1897 1199107 1908-1913 1199108 1914-1919 1199109 1920-1926 1199110 1927-1929 Birth Records (Geburten) 1175370 1826-1873 1175371 1877-1881 1175372 1882-1885 1175373 1886-1889 1175374 1890-1892 Marriage Index (Heirats) 1349980 1874-1895 1349981 1896-1902 1349981 1903-1908 1349983 1908- 1914 1349984 1915-1920 1349985 1920-1929 Marriage (Heiraten) 1199115 1874-1882 1199122 1899-1901 1199123 1901-1903 1199124 1903-1905 1349862 1909-1911 1349863 1911-1912 1349864 1912-1914 1349867 1918-1919 1349868 1919 1349869 1919-1920 1349870 1920 1349871 1920-1921 1349872 1921 1349873 1922 1349874 1922-1923 1349875 1923-1924 1349876 1925-1926 1349877 1926-1927 1349973 1928-1929 Death (toten) 1347753 1937-1938

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 22:23:26 PST From: Jay Hackin Subject: Birth Records from Tarnopol, Galicia I have recently received photocopies of some birth records concerning some of my family from Tarnopol, Galicia (Ternopol, Ukraine today). Adjacent to their records were the following surnames. If anyone has interest in these names. Please contact me by private email to receive the information contained in these records. Birth Records from Tarnopol Schieferman, Boruch Hirsch 1/3/1863 Terkel, Chaje 1/1/1863 Terkel, Sara 1/1/1863 West, Hirsch Wolf 1/2/1863 Schapira, Schmelka 1/3/1863 Berger, Rifke 1900 Axelrod, Reise, 1900 Weissbrod, Lea Bessie 3/17/1859 Nachlagor, Adella 3/17/1859 Schieferman, Sprince Sara 3/18/1859 Breyer, Josef 3/18/1859 Kahane, Abraham Chaim 3/30/1859 Peller, Fehuirdal 8/3/1865 Hirschorn, Feige 8/7/1865 Fruchel Chaje, 8/8/1865 Males, (?), 8/9/1865 Birnbaum, Josef 8/9/1865 Shieferman, Moses 8/12/1865 Rapaport,(?) 1864 Schieferman, Lea Ettel 1864 Thumim,Wellie 1864 Glasner, Josef 1864 Goldberg, Fischel 1864 Kraushauser, Chime 1864 Knopp, Freida 1864 Schieferman, Abraham Aharon 1864 Silberman, (?) 1864 Reichman, Abraham 1864 Schmetz, Judel 1864 Please note that I personally do not have access to any other records other than the ones listed above. I can be reached at

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