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MECHANICS OF HISTORY - laws to understand the history
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Advertisement: I am looking for a sponsor, who could finance:

  • a book about Mechanics of History
  • or computer simulations based on laws presented here
  • or better Geocities Plan (Web Server) - about $7 a month.
If you found my Mechanics of History interesting and want to donate:

But I prefer you first conntact me by email: or
And donated money should come from
lawful sources and activities.

In case of private consultations my fee is now 600 000 PLN (Polish currency, Zloty) nett a month = about $300 000 (USD), payable since beginning of the year 2002, and will increase gradually every three months.

Cost of that investment are very low and potential benefits could be quite reasonable:

  1. Mechanics of History gives us ability to predict economic crisis's (like South Asia Crisis).
  2. Showing which historical analogies are legal and which one not, Mechanics of History gives us ability to predict future social and historic processes and prepare for future threats.
  3. Computer simulation could be sold as a computer game.
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Summary of donations

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Slawomir Dzieniszewski My short Bio

Slawomir Dzieniszewski (pronounce "Swa-vo-meer Jenny-shav-ski"), a poor servant of Gosia M.
I am a male.
I was born in 1973 in Warsaw (capital of Poland, wchich is the country in Central Europe) as a son of Ryszard (Richard) Dzieniszewski and Zofia (Sophie) Dzieniszewski (primo voto Krasucki). I have younger brother Tomasz (Tom) Dzieniszewski (born 1979).

In 1989 communism in Poland ended.

I started to build my Mechanics of History in High School (1988-1992) thanks to my history teacher Slawomir Maszewski, who generaly teached us history at the level of history course at good European University (this means Ph.D. grade of good USA College). Honestly speaking, from his point of view my summary of history of Ancient Rome is probably tragic. Well, I was very young these times, but if you read bios of other scienticts, you realize that they were also very young people. Moreover - most of my models are quite obvious. I should also mention that all other hisory teachers I had pleasure to met between 1986 and 1994 were also excellent.

I used to study Economics at Warsaw University (1992-1997), esspecially the theory of International Trade. Unfortunatelly I did not finished my final dissertation (about the economy of Latin America between 1980 and 1995) because of lack of money, some personal problems (like health problems) and a minor controwersy with my professor.

Since 1998 I work as a translator of computer books. I know a dozen of programming langages (ex. C, C++, VB, Perl, Delphi, PHP, Ruby, HTML, SQL, UML, Java, JavaScript) and several dozens of computer programms. Unfortunatelly I don't have permanent job so usually have just enough money to pay my (and more important Gosia's) everyday bills.

Thanks to my scientific hobbies I have also a good basic knowledge about several other branches of science (not only history and economics) from archeology thorough quantum mechanics to genetics and astronomy. Other hobbies include: ecology, writing SF and Fantasy stories, and designing games of any kind. My favourite books are "Amber Chronicles" by Roger Zelazny.
See also:
My Personal Web Page (in Polish)
Web Page with my SF writings (in Polish) - well most stories are for teenagers, but you can find here some quite serious scientific ideas (physics, history).

But the most important is my love Gosia M. (little, sweet elven paintress). :-)

Slawomir Dzieniszewski

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MECHANICS OF HISTORY - laws to understand the history