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MECHANICS  OF  HISTORY  - laws to understand the history

Chronology of the theory

1990 (Nov-Feb) Classification: three political systems (just after the "Autumn of Nations" 1989)
1991 (Autumn) End of the work on classification after the elimination of some initial mistakes
1991/1992 Definition of the “political strength”, and GPI
1993 (May-Jun) Two kinds of crisis: stagflation, and overproduction crisis
1992-94 The Law of Connected Vessels, and logistic problems
1995 (Feb) Protectionism, and free trade schemas
1995 (Spring) Virtual money, and time-shift of the market balance
1998-2000 Social processes launched by economic crisis
2001 (Dec) The Polarization Effect, and other flaws of the Comparative Advantage Theory

Special thanks for Sławomir Maszewski for his lectures of history, and for every historic observations made by Sławomir Maszewski, which are presented here without quotation notes.

Every scientific theory sooner or later will be used to construct weapons. Theory presented here explains how to use all other weapons in the most effective way. So, it is the "Queen of Weapons". And thus could be extremely dangerous.
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MECHANICS  OF  HISTORY - laws to understand the history