About the last map
17 may 2004

There is a need to made some corrections here:

  • Georgia (a country between Russia and Turkey) is now democratic and should be marked blue. The revolution of November 2003 was the classic example of "democratic revolution".
  • Haiti is populistic and should be marked red. I mentioned that I was not able to trace situation in all countries, especially in African, and Central America Countries (actually Haiti was one of the reasons for that reservation) - my mistake because of the lack of data.
  • There are some other countries for which I have not enough data to determine political system, especially in Caribbean, West Africa, Oceania. And unfortunately Armenia (a country close to Georgia).
  • Referring to countries marked with  yellow dots, "in a very short time" means "before China" (i.e. in next 5-10 years). Some of these countries will become democratic very soon like Russia or Pakistan, but with some others like ex. Saudi Arabia or Burma is hard to predict anything for sure.
  • I did not marked some dependent countries like Tibet, because there are still many of them, often with undefined borders.
  • I was right about Iraqi. Using a historic comparison: the situation here resembles a little Jewish part of Palestine during the last years of of British occupation or a national uprising in Massachusetts in 1775. But now the Americans play the role of British.

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