Selected Links

Al Roth's Page
Many articles on rationality, game theory etc. Very good!

Jon Elster's Page at Columbia University
Here is his snail-mail address, phone numbers and e-mail address. There is also a picture here if you are interested.

East European Constitutional Review
This is an journal to which Jon Elster frequently contributes. He is also on the editorial staff. The articles are published here electronically.

Papers by Hans O. Melberg
A selection of my papers on decision theory, the collapse of communism, Russian history and the social sciences in general. Comments are welcome.

Blackwell's Economic Articles Index

A tool for finding and ordering academic articles.

Encyclopedia Search
An on-line philosophical encyclopedia

Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG
A starting point if you want information about social science sites on the Web.

Blackwell's Bookshops
A large bookshop (you can buy Elster's books here).

A search engine for Elster's books, or any other books, in Norwegian libraries.

Hans O. Melberg's Home Page
My own home page.

World Wide Lecture Hall
Computer based academic courses in many subjects

Craig McKie
A large overview over social science resources on the Net.

Economics Working Papers Archive
Some good quality articles

Social & Decision Sciences Working Papers

The International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics
A very good overview.

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