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This page is intended as a resource for people who are interested in the social
sciences in general and the works of Jon Elster in particular.
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BOOKS A list of books by Jon Elster Includes links to tables of contents and reviews
ARTICLES A list of articles by Jon Elster Includes links to the full text of some of the articles
REVIEWS A list of articles discussing Elster's ideas Includes links to the full text of some of the reviews
INDEX General index of terms mentioned in Elster's works
MANUSCRIPTS Unpublished papers by Elster
DEFINITIONS Under Construction. A list of definitions of concepts often used by Elster.
UPDATES A history of how this page has changed - the latest additions and changes.
LINKS A selection of links to other relevant places on the net
ABOUT THIS PAGE Statistics, Useful (and less useful) information

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1. This page is not maintained by Jon Elster, but by Hans O. Melberg. It is not an "official" Jon Elster page and Elster is not accountable for any mistakes. The views expressed are purely those of Hans O. Melberg, not Jon Elster.

2. Although all care has been taken to avoid mistakes, there are probably some errors left. I cannot bear the responsibility for the consequences of such mistakes. You should consult the original documents before you quote from the texts. Please e-mail me if you find any mistakes.

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