Elaine Armstrong

Well, hello, cousin.
I have just finished looking at your website, and you have made a most wonderful start.  I say "start" only because everyone who is a descendant will want to add their information on their particular line.

I have a couple of photos that could be shown on your site if you like.   I have photos of both of my grandparents (Arba C5 and Isabella) who are noted in my guestbook signature.  

I also have a photo circa 1930's taken of the mother of each of them, seated in front of one of the family homes in Mook, Ky.  The two ladies shown are Agnes Bertram Cline and Luvenia Vitula Tucker Tucker, wife of Ezra Henry4 Tucker (Samuel3, Pleasant2, John1).  Luvenia herself was daughter of Charles B3 Tucker (Wiley2, John 1) and Amanda E Wilson (Holder?).

I have a map of Breckinridge County, Ky that I could scan and post, which shows the Mook and Calamese Creek areas where many of John and Martha's children grew up.  The general area where J&M are buried is known, but so far I have been unable to pinpoint the gravesites.  I do have rubbings of gravestones of other family members taken from local churchesyards.

By the way, several of the small pieces of paper noted at your website as being receipts signed or "X" by several of the individual children are located in the genealogical archive room of the Breckenridge County, Ky court house in Hardinsburg.  I myself saw and held a slip of paper that Martha signed "X" after John's death and property settlement.

I have a copy of a great many Tucker documents from the Breck. Co file, copied Oct, 2000.  I plan to scan these and save them on CD, but haven't so far (of course!)  

Let me know if you are interested in any of this. My sister, Betty Brockhoff, has been my partner in our family search, and I have mailed her your website address.
Hoping to hear from you soon-

Richmond, Va.

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Joe, if you will give me an address (even general delivery to a post office will do) I will be glad to send you an envelope of copies of most of the data I had copied for me at the Breck. Co. Courthouse. Everything I would send would be public knowledge, so there would be no problems with copyrights, etc.  I don't know where you are located, but I hate for you not to have access to original material.  As far as I know, this is the only site dedicated to John and Martha, and it was long overdue.  The xeroxes I have belong to everyone in the family, not just me.  I realize that most people will never make it back to Breck Co to copy all of these, so I would be pleased to be able to make this contribution.  A few of the very faint ones I have had to enhance with photo programs in order to decipher.  Some are still unreadable in places.  You may wish to order a new copy from the Archival Dept, but at least you know it's there.

Let me know what you think about this.
Elaine Armstrong

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Date: Sun, Oct 14, 2001, 9:03pm (CDT+1)
Subject: Ancestors of Beaven wives RE:
Wiley and Rial Tucker
A few years ago when I was just starting to look for information I ran across a post by Barb Blanford Easley that mentioned Sally Beaven.  I asked for information, and Barb responded with the letter listed last.  The first letter is self-explanatory, and I again thank Barb for all of the information that could be of use to many people on this site.

Subj: Re: Wiley Tucker, Sally Beavin
Date: 10/14/01 7:11:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Puchinski4

To: Plusss
HI Elaine- you're again in luck, I still am here as Puchinski4. I also have no problem in you listing the info that I gave you as it was quoted from a book for which I provided the name. You don't have to remove my info either. I am just so glad I was able to help you. I would not have gotten anywhere on my lines without the help of others!  I am only glad I can share my good fortune with others in such need! Barb

Subj: Re: Bevin family
Date: 98-06- 14 00:49:23 EDT
From: Puchinski4
To: Plusss
You are SO IN LUCK!  I have a book that has your info in it!  It is as follows:
Sally Beaven (note the name spelling) was born in 1804 (not 1802) in MD.  She is the daughter of Charles Henry Beaven and Sophia Moore.  She married Wiley Tucker in March 1823 in Breckinridge Co., KY
 They had 3 children (info taken from Breckinridge Co 1850 Census) Charles Beaven Tucker b 1829, David Tucker b 1835, and James Tucker b 1838.  There is no information past that on your Charles Tucker. However, the line goes back from Charles Henry Beaven...
Charles Henry Beaven b 1776, Charles Co, MD, son of Charles Beaven and Charity Hagen.  He married Sophia Moore on 12/20/1798 in Montgomer(y) Co, MD.  Their oldest children were born in MD, then they moved to Breckinridge Co, KY.  He was dead by 3/6/1839 as a deed for land was recorded in Daviess Co, KY with his 6 childrens names on it.  Their children were:
 Charles Henry Beaven b c 1802,  m. Lucy A. Skillman; Sally Beaven b 1804; Rebecca Beaven b 1806; Patsy Beaven b c 1808, m. James Waltrip, Elizabeth Beaven b c 1812 m Rial Tucker in Breckinridge Co, KY, Mary Ann Beaven b c 1814 m. Steven Waltrip, Carolyn Beaven b 4/9/1816.
Charles Beaven b 1739 in Charles Co, MD, son of Basil Beaven and Martha Wheeler.  Charity Hagan appears to be the daughter of a Magdalen Hagan based on a will written on 11/15/1773, in Charles Co, MD in which she named a daughter, Charity Beaven.  In the 1790 census of Prince Georges Co, MD, Charles Beaven is given with a wife, one son and one slave.
Basil Beaven b around 1715 in Prince Geo Co MD, son of Richard Beaven and Jane Blanford (one of my ancestors -BBE ).  His name was also spelled BAZIL in some records.  By 1738 he had married Martha Wheeler, daughter of Leonard Wheeler.  They had 7 children.
 Leonard, Charles, Mary Ann, Richard, Walter, Basil Wheeler and Henry. Richard is the son of Charles Beaven and Martha Paca Pauley, b around 1674 in Anne Arundel Md.  He married Jane (Mary Jane Blanford Bayley) before 1703.  She was a widow and was daughter of Thomas Blanford and Tabitha Mills.  They are my 7th gen grandparents (-BBE).
Charles Beaven entered the Province of MD in 1666 from Caernavan, Wales.  He is the progenitor of many Americans by the name of Beaven, Beavan, Beavin, Bevin, Biven and others.  It comes from the Welsh "Ap Evan" which means "son of Evan".  Charles and Martha had Richard, Sarah (my line also as she married Thomas Blanford, son of Thomas and Tabitha, )Margaret, Elizabeth, Charles and Catharine. The immigrant Charles Beaven and immigrant Thomas Blanford (m Tabitha) are the farthest back we have and they are both my lines too. (Direct lines.) (- BBE)
I have quoted this information from: Beaven Blanford Clarkson Mitchell Families of MD,KY,USA by Mary Louise Donnelly.  Her address for a copy of the book (40 some dollars) PO Box 97, Ennis TX 75120
Hope this information is what you wanted!!  :) :) :)
Happy Hunting,
Barb Blanford Easley