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The Family Value Days of Yore. - History Your Mama Never Taught You

    The New York City Police Riots & The Mother Of All Rumbles
    The New York City Draft Riots
      Letters to William H. Seward on New York Draft Riots
      Report Of The Merchants' Committee On The New York Draft Riots

    The New York City Shakespeare Riots * On The Round Tuit
      Macready's Account of the New York City Shakespeare Riot

    The Lincoln County War

    The Pennamite-Yankee Wars

The Late Unpleasantness

    War American Style
    Sherman On The Causes Of The War
    Sherman On The Conduct Of The War
    Lincoln Calls for Prayer & 400,000 Troops
    Conditions In United States Prisoner Of War Camps

Thomas, Legislative Information on the Internet

State Servers & Documents
    State Government Home Pages
    State Constitutions
    Georgia Code

The Star Spangled Banner
    The Road to Fort McHenry

Continental Congress Documents
    Barbadian Propaganda
    Plan of Union Between Great Britain & Her Colonies
    Olive Branch Petition
    Articles of Confederation
    Debate on Trade with Indian Nations
    Congressional Proclamation Calling for a National Day of Prayer

    United States Constitution with Legislative History
    United States Constitutional Amendments with Legislative History
    The Right To Keep And Bear Arms
    The 1792 Act Establishing A Uniform Militia
    The 1795 Act For Calling Forth The Militia
    Current Militia Law

Separation of Church & State
    United States v. Wilson 7 Peters 150 1833
    LEE v. WEISMAN, 505 U.S. 577 (1992

Benjamin Franklin Documents
    Dr Franklin Invents an Improved Cast Iron Stove
    Dr Franklin Charts the Gulph Stream
    Dr Franklin Invents Daylight Savings Time
    Dr Franklin Invents Bifocal Eyeglasses

George Washington Documents
    George's Shopping List
    George Orders A Slave
    Dinner With George
    Farewell Address to the Army
    First Inaugural Address
    Second Inaugural Address
    Farewell Address

    Georgia's 1732 Charter
    Georgia's One Debtor
    Georgia Advertises For Debtors
    Herbs & Drugs From Advertisements in Colonial Georgia Newspapers
    Mary Musgrove
    Nancy Hart
    Pine Barren Speculation & Yazoo Land Fraud
    Stoneman Raid
    Athen's Double Barrel Cannon
    A Tree In Athens That Owns Itself
    The Winterville Marigold Express
    Chronology Of Georgia
    Georgia Reconstruction Chronology

The Magna Carta Approach To Constitutional Interpretation
RedNecks Guide To Greek & Latin
Politically Correct
The Crossless Flag Flap Of 1635
Beer v. Mangoes
Corruption Of Blood

The Pursuit of Religious Freedom in New England
    The War Prayer
    God's Commandments To The Chosen On Entering Canaan
    Massacre at Fort Mystic
    A Wonderful Victory Over the Enemies of God


    Anthony Johnson, First Slave Owner In Virginia
    Slavery in Massachusetts
    Chronology Of Slavery

Winning The West

    Ballad Of The Hotchkiss Gun

Athens Banner-Herald
    Nineteen Original Colonies

Flagpole Magazine

      Air Conditioned Old West

      The Twiggs Surrender
      General Cooper, CSA

      Augusta Georgia


      Alfred, Lord Tennyson
        The Charge of the Heavy Brigade

    Links to other sites on the Web

      Polish Heritage 2002

      Welcome To North Georgia

        A History Of Confederate & Georgia Flags
        The Walton War
        The Pine Barrens Speculation & Yazoo Land Fraud

      Barefoot's World

      The Town Crier
        How To Read A 200-Year-Old Document

    Sites Linking to Azilum

    Polish Heritage 2002

    University of Georgia

    Welcome To North Georgia

    UNESCO Slave Route Project

    United States History.
    American Government U.S. Census Bureau
    National Archives And Record Administration
    Library Of Congress


    Georgia Journal History of the Peach State

    Road Side Georgia History

    Tami's Used Books

    The Georgia League of the South

    Cannon World

    State House Girls

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