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Eighth Generation


190. Charles Greenwood was born 1 Jan 1781 in Moulsoe, Bucks, England and was christened 28 Jan 1781 in Moulsoe, Bucks., England. He married Elizabeth White. [Parents]

191. Elizabeth White was born in Kempston, Beds., England and was christened 13 Oct 1771 in Kempston, Beds., England. She died 27 May 1849 in Kempston, Beds., England. [Parents]

DEAT DATE 27 MAY 1849 AGE 78


192. Rudd Bunn 1 was born 1760 in Langham, Norfolk, England. He married Mary Sharpe on 9 Jan 1782 in Langham, Norfolk, England.

193. Mary Sharpe 1 was born 1762 in Langham, Norfolk, England.


200. Thomas King was born about 1708. He married Lydia Moulton on 4 Aug 1726 in Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts.

201. Lydia Moulton was born 13 Jan 1708 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. [Parents]


203. Miss Cromey 1 was born about 1769 in of Broadmayne, Dorset, England.


204. Thomas Benjamin Clark 1 was born 1768 in Cambridge, England, , England. He died 20 Mar 1834 in Cambridge, Coventry, Warwickshire, Eng. and was buried 28 Mar 1834 in Cambridge, Eng.. Thomas married Elizabeth Eusden Bell on 25 Apr 1793 in St Giles Parish, Cambridge, Coventry, Warwickshire.

BAPL 14 MAY 1938 ALSO 1877

ENDL 21 JUN 1938 ALSO 1877

MARR PLAC St Giles Parish, Cambridge, Coventry, Warwickshire, Eng.

205. Elizabeth Eusden Bell 1 was born 13 Dec 1763 in Cambridge, Cambridge, England and was christened 1 Jan 1764 in Girton, Cambs., Eng.. She died 28 Jun 1812 in Cambridge, Cambridge, England. [Parents]


206. Joseph Shuker 1 was born Mar 1771 in Mepal, Cambridge, , England and was christened Mar 1771 in Mepal, Cambridge, England. He died 1818 and was buried 4 Dec 1818. Joseph married Elizabeth Harvey on 9 Aug 1797 in Chesterton, Chesterton, Cambridge, England. [Parents]

207. Elizabeth Harvey 1 was born 1778 in Chesterton, Cambridge, Eng, England. [Parents]

Elizabeth HAVEY. 24 Mar 1771 in Fordham,Cambridge,England Christened according to AF.


208. Niels Poulsen was born about 1767 in Slagelse, Soro, Co, Denmark. He died 28 Nov 1831 in Lille Valby, Soro, Denm. Niels married Else Cathrine Hansen on 17 Feb 1786 in , , Denmark. [Parents]

BIRTH: 24 Jan 1768

209. Else Cathrine Hansen was born about 1771 in Lille Valby, Soro, Co, Denmark.

Elsie Catherine Hansdotter


210. Anders Jorgensen Klein was born about 1775 in . He married Frederikke Sophia Bremer on 22 Mar 1798.

Andreas Jorgesen KLIM

BIRTH: 25 Jan 1769

BIRTH: Klim, Thistled, Den

211. Frederikke Sophia Bremer was born 31 Mar 1778 in Holbok, Den..


212. Frederick Birckenbush Arbb was born about 1784 in . He married Nicoline Nelsen Bech.

213. Nicoline Nelsen Bech was born about 1788 in .


214. Peder Christensen Host was born about 1780 in . He married Gjertrud Pedersen.

Peder Kritensen Hostgoard


215. Gjertrud Pedersen was born about 1784 in .

Gertrude Pedersen


216. Thomas Humpherys III was born 1786 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England and was christened 3 May 1786 in Blackwell Derbys, Eng., England. He died 9 Aug 1868 in Lane End, Sutton-in-Ashfie, Eng.. Thomas married Sarah Ashley on 26 Dec 1808 in Mansfield, Notts, England. [Parents]

CHR PLAC Blackwell Derbyshire, Eng.

DEAT PLAC Lane End, Sutton-In-Ashfield Notts, Eng.

217. Sarah Ashley was born 5 Jun 1789/1791 in Blyworth, Notts, England. She died 8 Jul 1838. [Parents]


218. John Cates Sudbury was born 1771 in Aberedeen, Scotland. He died Nov 1852. John married Sarah Marshall on 21 Mar 1799 in Mansfield, Notts, England. [Parents]


219. Sarah Marshall was born 2 Jun 1770 in Mansfield, Notts, England and was christened 2 Jun 1770. She died 4 Mar 1815 in Mansfield, Notts, Eng. [Parents]



220. William Eaton was born about 1778 in . was buried 8 Jan 1832 in Mansfield, Notts, England. William married Ann Booth on 16 Feb 1795.

221. Ann Booth was born about 1782 in Chesterfield, Derby, England. [Parents]


222. Samuel Wain was born about 1772 in of Oxton, Notts, England and was christened 27 Sep 1760 in of Oxton, Notts, England. He married Phyllis Strutt (Twin) about 1796. [Parents]

223. Phyllis Strutt (Twin) was born about 1787 in Oxton, Notts, England and was christened 13 Feb 1774 in Oxton, Notts., England. [Parents]

Phyllis Strut


224. John Fife was born 25 Oct 1767 in Crichton, Mdlthn, Sctl and was christened 25 Oct 1767 in Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland. He married Janet Muir on 13 Oct 1795 in Connongate, Mdlthn, Sctl. [Parents]

225. Janet Muir was born 14 Jun 1765 in Salton, E-Lthn, Sctl and was christened 17 Jun 1765 in Tranent, E. Lothian, Scotland. She died 1841 in Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland. [Parents]


226. James Mathieson was born 15 Oct 1766 in Peebles, Peebles, Scotland. He married Janet Govan on 6 Jun 1794 in , Scotland. [Parents]

227. Janet Govan was born 5 Dec 1771 in Newlander, Peebles, Scotland and was christened Dec 1771 in Newlands, Peebles, Scotland. [Parents]



228. Luther Hemmingway was born 21 May 1780 in Framingham, Mddlsx, Mass.. He died 2 May 1870 in Springville, , Vermont. Luther married Finis Patterson on 10 Jul 1803 in Gilsum, Cheshire, New Hampshire. [Parents]

229. Finis Patterson was born 1 Sep 1785 in Framingham, Mddlsx, Mass.. She died 22 Dec 1857 in Gilsum, Chshr. [Parents]


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