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Ninth Generation

262. Christian Steinbach.


268. Christian Stauffer was born about 1680 in Switzerland, Or Germany. He died Jul 1735 in Salford, Montgomery, Pa.

Name and death from Georgia Lough


328. Thomas Prince was christened 4 Jul 1741 in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England. He married Sarah Turner on 7 Apr 1763 in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England. [Parents]

329. Sarah Turner was christened 7 Aug 1743 in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England. [Parents]


330. Stephen Firman was christened 12 Jul 1725 in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. He died 30 May 1768 in Flempton-, Cum-Hengrave, , England. Stephen married Mrs Sarah. [Parents]

331. Mrs Sarah was born about 1731 in Bury, St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England.


332. John Harrold was christened 11 Dec 1720 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England. He married Mary Howard on 10 Oct 1758 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England. [Parents]

333. Mary Howard was christened 26 Dec 1730 in Glemsford, Suffolk, England. [Parents]


334. John Last was christened 4 Jan 1731 in Whepstead, Suffolk, England. He died 18 Sep 1808 and was buried 18 Sep 1808 in Whepstead, Suffolk, England. John married Rachael Tweed on 7 Oct 1758 in Whepstead, Suffolk, England. [Parents]

335. Rachael Tweed was christened 12 Dec 1736 in Whepstead, Suffolk, England. She died 1 Jan 1827 in Whepstead, Suffolk, England. [Parents]


336. William Mc Nee or Nay Jr. was born 1740 in of Peterboro, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. He died 13 Apr 1810 in of Peterboro, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. William married Betsey Russell. [Parents]

337. Betsey Russell was born 1744 in of Peterboro, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. She died 1815 in of Peterboro, Hillsboro, New Hampshire.


338. Elijah Puffer was born 18 Aug 1738 in Norton, Bristol, Massachusetts. He died 28 Feb 1816 in Peterboro, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. Elijah married Elizabeth Jackson on 20 May 1764. [Parents]

339. Elizabeth Jackson was born 8 Jun 1744 in Abington, Plym, Massachusetts. She died 7 Apr 1822 in Peterboro, Hillsboro, New Hampshire. [Parents]


352. Ebenezer Green was born about 1729. He married Elizabeth Gilbert.

353. Elizabeth Gilbert was born about 1733.


354. Isaac Spaulding was born about 1742. He married Mercy or Mary.

355. Mercy or Mary was born about 1746.


360. Ebenezer Sprague was born 2 Aug 1740 in Providence, Providence, Rhode Island. He died 21 Jan 1812 in Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island. Ebenezer married Milicent on 1760 in Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island. [Parents]

361. Milicent was born about 1744 in Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island. She died 5 Dec 1820 in Johnston, Providence, Rhode Island.


362. John Williams was born about 1745. He married Mary before 1770.

363. Mary was born about 1745/1750.


364. Georg Ernst Lindenberger was born about 1731 in Rotterdam, South Holland, Holland. He died 26 Jul 1796. Georg married Mrs. Susanna Caroline.

365. Mrs. Susanna Caroline was born about 1733 in of Baltimore, Maryland. She died 8 Aug 1812.


366. Ebenezer Sprague is printed as #360.

367. Milicent is printed as #361.


376. Richard Keech was born in Stevington, Beds., Eng and was christened 28 Nov 1736 in Stevington, Beds., Eng.. He married Mary Grumont on 4 Jan 1762 in Wootton, Beds., Eng.. [Parents]

377. Mary Grumont was born in Wootton, Beds., Eng and was christened 21 Sep 1740 in Wootton, Beds., Eng.. [Parents]


378. John Hinchley was born in St. Martin's Fen, Bucks, England and was christened 6 Jul 1741 in Fenny Stratford, Bucks., England. He married Elizabeth Crane on 16 Jan 1766 in Bletchley, Bucks., Eng.. [Parents]

BIRT PLAC St. Martin'S Fenny Stratford, Bucks, Eng

379. Elizabeth Crane was born in Whaddon With Nas, Bucks., Eng. and was christened 3 Jun 1745 in Whaddon With Nas, Bucks., Eng.. She died 3 Jan 1804 and was buried 3 Jan 1804. [Parents]

BIRT PLAC Whaddon With Nash, Bucks., Eng.


380. John Greenwood was born in Moulsoe, Bucks, Eng and was christened 16 Feb 1755/1756 in Moulsoe, Bucks., Eng.. He died 19 Mar 1837 and was buried 19 Mar 1837 in Moulsoe, Bucks., Eng.. John married Elizabeth Bryant on 22 Jun 1780 in Moulsoe, Bucks., Eng.. [Parents]

BURI DATE 19 MAR 1837 AGE 82

381. Elizabeth Bryant was born in Moulsoe, Bucks., Eng and was christened 27 Mar 1757 in Moulsoe, Bucks., Eng.. She died 27 Oct 1784 and was buried 27 Oct 1784 in Moulsoe, Bucks., Eng.. [Parents]


382. William White was born in Kempston, Bedford, Eng and was christened 1 Jan 1739/1740 in Kempston, Beds., Eng.. He married Elizabeth Kidman on 30 Jan 1769 in Eltisley, Cambridgeshire, England. [Parents]

383. Elizabeth Kidman was christened 29 Jul 1744 in Eltisley, Cambridgeshire, England. [Parents]


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