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Ninth Generation


402. Robert Moulton was born 3 Sep 1675 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. He died 25 Aug 1756 in Brimfield, Hampden, Massachusetts and was buried Aug 1756. Robert married Hannah Grove on 12 Apr 1698 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts. [Parents]

403. Hannah Grove was born about 1680 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts and was christened 10 Sep 1676 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts. [Parents]

Hannah GROUS


410. Joseph Bell 1 was born 11 Sep 1741 in , Stapleford, Cambridge, England. He married Ann Eustlen. [Parents]

411. Ann Eustlen 1 was born about 1741 in of Stapleford, Cambridge, England.


412. John Shuker 1 was born 10 Apr 1741 in Sutton, Cambridgeshire, Eng. He died 27 Apr 1823. John married Mary Leaford on 9 Sep 1760 in Downham, Cambridge, England. [Parents]

413. Mary Leaford 1 was born in and was christened 27 Apr 1737 in Downham, Cambridge, England. was buried 26 Jan 1802 in Mipae, Camgridgeshire, Eng. [Parents]


414. William Harvey 1 was christened 5 Aug 1739 in , Fordham, Cambridge, England. He married Mary Brown on 3 Apr 1769 in , Fordham, Cambridge, England. [Parents]

415. Mary Brown 1 was born about 1739 in of Fordham, Cambridge, England.


416. Poul Madsen was born 9 Mar 1732 in Lille Valby, Soro, Co, Denmark. He died 21 May 1775 in Lille Valby, Soro, Denmark. Poul married Johanna Nielsen on 15 Feb 1760 in , , Denmark. [Parents]

Paul Madsen

417. Johanna Nielsen was born 30 Apr 1730 in Lille Valby, Soro, Co, Denmark.

Johnne Nielsdatter


432. Thomas Humpherys II was born 27 Jun 1760 in Pleasley Hill No, Engl.. He died 22 May 1832. Thomas married Ann Harris on 1784 in of, Blackwell, Derbys, Eng. [Parents]

BIRT PLAC Pleasley Hill Notts, Engl.

433. Ann Harris was born about 1762 in . [Parents]


434. John Ashley was born 25 Apr 1753 in Mansfield, Notts, Eng. He died 28 Jun 1798. John married Mary Harwick before 1790 in of, Blyworth, Notts, Eng. [Parents]

435. Mary Harwick was born 1764 in Heath, Derby, England. [Parents]


436. John Sudbury was born 1750 in . He died 6 Mar 1782. [Parents]


438. James Marshall was born 27 Dec 1744 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England. He died 25 Oct 1808 and was buried 25 Oct 1808 in Mansfield, Notts, England. James married Elizabeth Jennever on 22 Oct 1767 in Mansfield, Notts, England. [Parents]

439. Elizabeth Jennever was born 20 Apr 1750 in Mansfield, Notts, England. She died 22 Jun 1828 and was buried 22 Jun 1828 in Mansfield, Notts, England. [Parents]



442. Hugh Booth was born about 1743 in . He married Hanna H Banks on 30 Apr 1761.

443. Hanna H Banks was born about 1747 in .


444. Benjamin Wain (Wayne) was born about 1734 in . was buried 7 Mar 1805 in Oxton, Notts, England. Benjamin married Elizabeth Rowbotham on 27 Nov 1759 in Oxton, Notts, England.

445. Elizabeth Rowbotham was born about 1738 in . was buried 30 Nov 1793 in Oxton, Notts, England.


446. William Strutt was born about 1746 in Oxton, Notts, Engl. and was christened 18 Aug 1748 in Oxton, Notts, England. He married Jane Lamb on 13 Dec 1771 in Oxton, Notts, England.

447. Jane Lamb was born 25 Dec 1748 in Oxton, Notts, Engl.. [Parents]


448. James Fife was born 5 Apr 1724 in Newbattle, Mdlthn, Sctl and was christened 8 Apr 1724 in Newbattle, Mdlthn, Sctl. He married Janet Hoge or Hodge on 9 Nov 1753 in Humbie, E-Lthn, Sctl. [Parents]

449. Janet Hoge or Hodge was born 30 Apr 1730 in Dalkeith, Mdlthn, Sctl and was christened 8 May 1730 in Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland. [Parents]


450. Patrick or Peter Muir was born 22 Apr 1730 in Seton, E-Lthn, Sctl and was christened 26 Apr 1730 in Tranent, E-Lthn, Sctl. He married Helen Symme. [Parents]

451. Helen Symme was born 24 Feb 1739 in Tranent, Edinburgh, E. Lothian, Scotland and was christened 4 Mar 1739 in Tranent, E-Lthn, Sctl. [Parents]


452. John Mathison was born 7 Jan 1733 in Peebles, Peebles, Scotland and was christened 7 Jan 1733 in Innerleithen, Peebles, Scotland. He married Jane Owens on 1 Nov 1765. [Parents]

453. Jane Owens was born about 1737 in of Gatehopeknow, Peebles, Scot and was christened 5 Oct 1740 in Traquair, Peebles, Scot.


454. William Govan was born in Eddleston, Peebles, Scotland and was christened 7 Oct 1739 in Eddleston, Peebles, Scot. He died 10 Feb 1818 in Lynn, Peebles. William married Jean Gibson on 17 Jun in , Scotland. [Parents]

455. Jean Gibson was born 27 May 1772 in , Scotland and was christened 31 May 1772 in Old Cumnock, Ayr, Scot. She died 1 Nov 1782 in Eddleston, Peebles, Scotland. [Parents]


456. Jacob Hemenway was born about 1746 in Framingham, Mddlsx, Mass. He died 19 Dec 1822. Jacob married Abigail or Nabby Eaton. [Parents]

457. Abigail or Nabby Eaton was born 20 Nov 1757 in of Framingham, Mddlsx, Mass. She died 1785. [Parents]


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