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Ninth Generation


458. David Patterson was born 17 May 1739 in of Framingham, Mddlsx, Mass. He died 28 Nov 1809 in Framingham, Mddlsx, Mass. David married Beulah Clark. [Parents]

459. Beulah Clark was born 23 Jul 1740 in Framingham, Middlesex, Mass. She died 26 May 1830 in Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts. [Parents]


460. John Day was born 1 Mar 1708/1709 in Wrentham, Norfolk, Massachusetts. He died 21 Nov 1778 in Keene, Chshr, N-Hm. John married Abiel Chapman on 19 Mar 1744/1745 in Sutton, Wrcst, Mass. [Parents]

461. Abiel Chapman was born about 1726 in of Sutton, Wrcst, Mass. She died 6 Aug 1804 in Keene, Chshr, N-Hm.


462. Ebenezer Kilborn was born 8 Apr 1744 in Hebron, Tllnd, Conn. He died 3 Aug 1810 in Gilsum, Chshr, N-Hm. Ebenezer married Sarah Bill on 2 Feb 1767 in Hebron, Tllnd, Conn. [Parents]

463. Sarah Bill was born 30 Jan 1746/1747 in Hebron, Tllnd, Conn. She died 29 Sep 1821 in Gilsum, Chshr, N-Hm. [Parents]


464. William John was born 1790 in Woodroach, Pembrokeshire, Wales. He died 27 Jan 1878 in Llandeloy, Pembrokeshire, Wales. William married Lettice Phillips on 16 Dec 1813 in Llandeloy, Pembroke, Wales. [Parents]

465. Lettice Phillips was born 1795 in Llandeloy, Pembrokeshire, Wales. She died in Wood, Roch, Pembroke, Wales and was buried 30 Jan 1878 in Brawdy, Pembroke, Wales. [Parents]


466. William Thomas was born 1793 in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire and was christened 17 Oct 1788. He married Ann James on 26 Jan 1813 in Brawdy Parrish, Pembrokeshire, Wales. [Parents]

467. Ann James was born 1785 in Punch Castle, Brawdy, Pembrokeshire, Wales. She died 20 Jun 1869 in Lower Lane, Pembrokeshire, Wales. [Parents]


468. Daniel Edward Williams was born 23 Dec 1802 in Penally, Pembroke, Wales. He died 5 Jun 1882 in Tooele, Tooele, Utah and was buried 7 Jun 1882 in Tooele, Tooele, Utah. Daniel married Catherine Jenkins on 13 Jul 1870 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. [Parents]

469. Catherine Jenkins was born 1801 in Tempelton Green, Pembroke, Wales. [Parents]


470. Thomas Evans was born 1791 in Amroth, Pmbrk, Wales. He died Sep 1858 in Amroth, Pmbrk, Wales. Thomas married Mary Williams on 3 Nov 1822 in Amroth, Pembrokeshire, Wales. [Parents]

471. Mary Williams was born 1793 in St. Clears, Crmrth, Wales. She died 3 Nov 1884 in Amroth, Pmbrk, Wales. [Parents]


472. John Anderson Ivie was born 1786 in Randolph, Pitt, North Carolina. He died 25 Dec 1882 in Holida, Monroe, Missouri. John married Sarah (Sally) Allred on 1800. The marriage ended in divorce. [Parents]

473. Sarah (Sally) Allred was born 3 May 1786 in , Randolph, North Carolina. She died after 1861 in Holiday, Monroe, Georgia. [Parents]


474. Richard Fausett was born 1775/1778 in Orange County, Nc. He died 28 Jan in Maury County, Tn and was buried in , Maury, Tennessee. Richard married Mary McKee on 28 Jan 1792 in Orange County, NC. The marriage ended in divorce. [Parents]


475. Mary McKee was born 1774/1775 in of Orange County, Nc. She died 1830 in Maury County, Tn and was buried 1830 in , Maury, Tennessee. [Parents]

Death also possible of 1820.


476. John McKee Fausett was born 22 Dec 1804 in Montgomery, Middle Sumner, Tennessee. He died 29 Mar 1874 in Midway, Wasatch, Utah. John married Margaret Smith on 1820 in , , TN. [Parents]

477. Margaret Smith was born 18 May 1797 in , Rutherford, North Carolina. She died 10 Mar 1852 in Provo, Utah, Utah and was buried in Provo, Utah, Utah. [Parents]

BAPL 13 APR 1832 1 DEC 1964


478. Alvin Owens was born 1775 in Florence, Oneida, New York. He died 1860 in , , Holt, Missouri. Alvin married Hannah Lucretia Morton on 1815. [Parents]

479. Hannah Lucretia Morton was born 15 Mar 1788 in Guilford, Wndhm, Vermont. She died 3 Mar 1835 in , Clay Co., Missouri and was buried Oct 1835. [Parents]


480. Joel Campbell was born 22 Jan 1735 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He died 15 Jan 1828 in Ridgeberry, Bradford, Pennsylvania. Joel married Nancy Leonard about 1754. [Parents]

481. Nancy Leonard was born 15 Jun 1737 in , Atsego Co., New York. She died Apr 1790 in , Orange Co., New York. [Parents]


482. Matthias Button [Jr.] was born 11 Apr 1732 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island. He died 22 Jul 1811 in Wells, Rutland, Vermont. Matthias married Phebe (Phoebe) Butts on 16 May 1753 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut. [Parents]

483. Phebe (Phoebe) Butts was born 1732 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. She died 3 Mar 1764 in Canterbury, Windham, Connecticut. [Parents]


484. Joel Campbell is printed as #480.

485. Nancy Leonard is printed as #481.


486. John Holcomb was born about 1744. He married Eunice Marshall.

487. Eunice Marshall was born about 1748.


488. Timothy Garrard was born about 1739. was buried 20 Oct 1806 in Palgrave, Suffolk, England. Timothy married Mary Newson on 31 Jul 1764 in Royden, Norfolk, England.

BURI DATE 20 OCT 1806 (AGE 86)

489. Mary Newson was born about 1741. was buried 16 Jan 1827 in Palgrave, Suffolk, England.

BURI DATE 16 JAN 1827 (AGE 84)


490. Thomas Gooch was born about 1737. He married Ann Lallum on 1762 in Palgrave, Suffolk, England.

491. Ann Lallum was born about 1739.


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