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Eleventh Generation


1918. Northup Holderbee Langfo was born 24 Sep 1724 in E. Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. He died 30 Dec 1789 in Northampton, , Massachusetts. Northup married Mary Stanford.


1919. Mary Stanford was born 2 Jan 1740 in New Haven, N-Hvn, Connecticut.


1920. William Campbell [Lt. Col.] was born 1663 in Wester, Kames, Bute, Scotland. He died 1718/1728 in Died Abroad. William married Miss MacLean in , , Scotland.

1921. Miss MacLean was born about 1666 in of, Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland. She died in , Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland.


1922. James Hunter was born about 1690 in Dogland, , Scotland.


1924. John Leonard was born about 1666. He married Sarah Chandler.

1925. Sarah Chandler was born about 1668.


1926. Richard Jennings was born 1651 in Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. He died 23 Sep 1751 in Bridgewater, , Massachusetts. Richard married Mary Bassett on 19 Dec 1675 in Bridgewater, Ma.

1927. Mary Bassett was born 13 Jun 1670 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts. She died 21 May 1734 in Bridgewater, , Massachusetts.


1928. Peter Button was born 17 Jul 1660 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. He died 1726/1727 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island. Peter married Sarah Crandall on 30 Oct 1682 in Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island.

Petter Botton or Button

1929. Sarah Crandall was born 1654/1657 in , Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. She died 1696 in Rhode Island or, New London, Connecticut.

DEAT PLAC Rhode Island Or Stonington, New London, CT


1930. John Brown was born about 1661 in of Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island. He married Ann Warner about 1692 in Stonington, Windham, Connecticut.

1931. Ann Warner was born about 1665 in of Westerly, Washington, Rhode Island.


2024. William Tunnell was born 1702/1703 in France. He died 28 Dec 1787 in Loudon Co., Va and was buried 29 Dec 1787 in , , Fairfax, Virginia. William married Ann Howard about 1735/1745 in England.

2025. Ann Howard was born 1710 in Yorkshire, England. She died 18 Feb 1814 in Nr Robertsville, Anderson, Tennessee.


2026. Nichales Money was born about 1728 in Georgetown, Cecil Co., Maryland. He married Mary Yeats about 1753 in of Georgetown, Cecil Co., Maryland.

2027. Mary Yeats was born about 1732 in of Georgetown, Cecil Co., Maryland.


2028. Moses Ball Sr. was born 2 May 1717 in Fairfax Co., Va. He died 3 Sep 1792 in Clarendon, Fairfax, Virginia. Moses married Ann (Nancy) Brashears on 27 Jun 1745 in Fairfax, of Fairfax Co., Virginia.

2029. Ann (Nancy) Brashears was born 26 Sep 1729 in Calvert Co., Md. She died 30 Nov 1816 in Arlington, Prince William, Virginia.


2030. William (Henry) Hardin was born 1722 in Overwharton Pari, Stafford, Virginia. He died about 16 Oct 1781. William married Patty Green on 28 Jan 1745/1746 in Overwharton Par., Stafford Co., Virginia.

BIRT PLAC Overwharton Parish, Stafford, VA

2031. Patty Green was born about 1725 in Overwharton Par., Stafford Co., Virginia.


2040. William Horton Hash was born about 1749. He married Ellender Osborne.

2041. Ellender Osborne was born about 1753.


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