The pictures you see below are my children, Marshall and AnnMarie. They are my pride and joy.

Marshall is ten years old now, and he's happy to be in 4th grade. He recently got glasses and doesn't care for them much. He loves dinosaurs and is a typical (though clumsy) little boy. Always getting dirty and teasing his sister. He took his Reading TAKS last year(Texas State standardized test) and got a perfect score. He only missed 1 question on his Math TAKS. This year he will take Reading, Math and Writing. We are hoping for some more perfect scores!!

AnnMarie is nine. She loves being in 3rd grade. She loves animals of any kind. She has participated in a few pageants and loved doing them. Click the Princess Amy button to learn more about that. This year she will be taking the Reading and Math TAKS.

I am an artist, at least I consider myself an artist even if no one else does. Right now I am working a convinient store and about to start a 2nd job, but my goal in life is to be a photographer. Ansel Adams is my favorite photographer. Below is a photograph of his called Rose and Driftwood (my personal favorite). I also do a lot of crafting such as sewing, decoupage, painting, jewelry making, beading, plastic canvas, etc. When it comes to crafting I can do almost everything. I have been sewing a lot more recently and hope to start selling little girl's dresses and suits. Having my daughter in a pageant made me realize how expensive it can be to find all the right outfits, and I hope to be able to make hers and some extras to sell for a reasonable price.

My husband, Bill, is a Certified Medication Aide. Though he has recently taken the Maintenance position at the Nursing and Rehab place he works. He still passes meds about once a week to keep his licence valid and to keep up the practice. He loves basketball and is very good at it even though he doesn't get the chance to play as often as he would like. He also loves his video games and has gotten me hooked on one as well.

Please be sure to take a look at my other pages. If you like reading quotations I have a ton of them on my website. Also there is a Picture page, I will hopefully be adding more pictures soon. I also plan to add a game page in the near future. It will feature questions from Mindtrap along with some other wonderful brain teasers.

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Last Updated February 12, 2007