HISTORY QUESTION OF THE WEEK: At the base of the pyramid on the back of your dollar bill is a number in Roman numerals. That number represents a very important year in American history. What year is it, and what happened that year? 1776. America declared its independence from England.

HISTORY QUESTION OF THE WEEK: What is the most common first name of all the Presidents? Name all the Presidents who had that name. James. James Madison, James Monroe, James K. Polk, James Buchanan, James [Jimmy] Carter.

Objective: What have we learned about the history of our country?
Review all of American History up through the War Between the States. Every day students come in, they have a fast review sheet to fill out using their notebooks or textbooks. The first student to finish all the answers correctly gets candy. For the first three days of review, we then take notes from the overhead. The notes can be found at Review Outlines. (Additional note: In order to prepare worksheets for your class, you have two options: 1) Print off the Review Outlines from my website and then white-out anything that is underlined. 2) Copy and paste my outline into Word. Change the font to a fun font (Comic Sans is my favorite). Then print off that copy for the overhead. After you do that, go through and delete everything that is underlined and replace them with blank lines for the students to fill in. Oh yes, in order to get the pictures in there, using your mouse, right click on the picture in my website document, and highlight "copy." Then go to your word document and click your mouse to wherever you want the picture to go. Press "paste." You can move the picture around (to center it) by putting your mouse over the picture, pressing down on the left-click on the mouse, and then dragging it to the spot you want it to go. I'm sorry I don't have this perfectly prepared for you. I don't currently have the time to format it to html.) My students then fill out the outlines as we review everything we've learned. I do give copies of my transparencies to students who can't see well or are slow at writing. Throughout the lecture, I always ask questions and try to get the students to tell me what happened next or why something happened (before I show them the answers that they fill in). At the end of class we do another review sheet. The first student to finish all the answers correctly gets candy. Both review sheets count as grades. I know it sounds boring, but since this is something different from the usual class, my kids actually enjoy it; plus, it shows them how much they remembered and reminded them of some details that were a bit rusty. After taking notes (which only takes 3 class periods), we play review games using old exam questions. I also show clips of videos and run through the entire School House Rock: American History video a few times.

The day my students take the Social Studies portion of the exam, I pass out the following overhead to all the teachers who have my students: Review Overhead. I request that each teacher put on the overhead and read it over with the class BEFORE the testing process has begun. After reviewing the cram sheet overhead, they take it off the overhead projector and put it away in their desks to give to me later.

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