Nash Metropolitan/Beep, Beep! Memorabilia

As Seen on Bill Wildt's Motorsports Unlimited
A Chicago-Area Cable Public Access Show

Our Unsuspecting MetropolitanThe celebrities swarm.
1)  Our little Metropolitan does not suspect the fame which is about to be thrust upon it.2)  Our friend Nick Cooney (that's his 'vette) calls Bill Wildt and his crew over to admire the Met.
Bill Wildt honor the Met with a featherBill Wildt's Assistant Starts Interview
3)  John & Claudia have watched his show for years. Bill Wildt thanks them by adorning the Nash Flying Lady with a feather.4)  One of Bill Wildt's Assistants starts the interview by asking our names and our towns.
Bill Wildt Interviews the Expert (Claudia)The ladies don't just like hotrods.
5)  Bill Wildt interviews the expert (Claudia) about our Met.6)  A very lucky Metropolitan. The ladies don't just like hotrods.
Bill Wildt surprises Claudia with a feather.Claudia gets to say 'Don't go away folks, we'll be right back!'
7)  Bill Wildt surprises Claudia with a feather.8)  Claudia gets to do what she's seen the ladies do 100's of times--say 'Don't go away folks, we'll be right back!'

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ŠJohn P. Teschky, IV

Nash Metropolitan/Beep, Beep! Memorabilia

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