The first Harvey to migrate to the present location of Jackson Parish was Thomas Harvey, Jr. Thomas Harvey Jr., and his family moved to Jackson Parish in 1855, along with his relatives, John Thomas, Nancy Ann Fish Bridges, Penelope (Pinkey) Harvey Alexander, their families and others. The trip from Attala County, Mississippi, required six months by oxen drawn wagon. Thomas Harvey Alexander, son of Pinkey, related many details of the trip. The group crossed the Mississippi River by barge near the location of Lake Village, Ark. At Lake Village, one of the children of John Thomas and wife, Jane Sprouse, died. John and Jane remained in the Lake Village area for one of two years before following the group on to Jackson Parish. During this time another child died.

The Ouachita River was crossed by cable ferry at Trenton. By the 1860 census all of these people had arrived a either Jackson Parish or Bienville Parish. Some relatives continued on to other locations and some remained in Mississippi before migrating on to West Texas and beyond. John Thomas' brother, Felix (Field) Washington Thomas, is believed to have moved on to St. Landry Parish. Recent evidence indicated that at some point he may have been a landholder in Bienville Parish before moving on to Texas. Pinkey Harvey Alexander had a son, Henry, who remained in Mississippi, but who migrated to West Texas with Field Thomas. Relatives of these men have been located by Lynn Harvey in recent years.

The arrival of these families in Jackson Parish in the fall of 1855 found the parish was nothing like it is today. After leaving the Allendale (Quitman) area and turning south, the going was very rough. They had to make their own road. That road is now Bear Knoll Drive. At one location their dogs flushed out a large pack of bears. They named that place Bear Knoll. Section 8 T15N R3W was the property obtained by Thomas Harvey, Jr. when he arrived. Why he and his widowed sister, Pinkey, did not locate closer together is not understood. Pinkey settled in the Liberty Hill Community in Bienville Parish. Thomas Harvey, Jr. located his house somewhere to the southeast of what is now the intersection of Highway 167 (Pershing Highway) and state highway 811 (Gladway).

By the 1860 census Thomas Harvey, Jr., his family, John Thomas, another Thomas believed to be one of John's brothers, Stringers, and Quarles' were living in this area. Thomas Harvey, Jr. did not remain at this location for long. Before the beginning of the Civil War, he had moved to T16N R4W section 25 or 36 located on the southeast side of Bear Knoll Drive. He is said to have died during the Civil War, but La. Confederacy records indicate that he was detailed as a teamster around Minden. As he was over fifty years old at the time, the war well may have hastened his death.

The father of Thomas Harvey, Jr. was Thomas W. Harvey, Sr. born probably between 1785 and 1791. Family tradition states that, "he, too, eventually dame to Jackson Parish and died at the home of his son off Bear Knoll Drive, about the same time that his son died during the Civil War." This is probably in error. The only children of Thomas W. Harvey, Sr. were Penelope (Pinkey) Harvey born 1808 in Kentucky and Thomas, Jr. born 1811 in Kentucky.

The earliest positive identification of Thomas W. Harvey, Sr. is in the Mississippi Tax Records of Covington County in 1821. In that county at that time were a John Wade Harvey, another Thomas Harvey, Evan Harvey, and another John Harvey. These and most other early Mississippi Harveys seem to be descended from a set of brothers who migrated to Maryland in the 1600's.

In 1823 Thomas W. Harvey, Sr. was in Pike Co. but back in Covington in 1824. In 1830 he is in both the federal census and Copiah Co. tax list. His property was near the Pearl River. In 1830 both of his children, Pinkey and Thomas, Jr. recorded their marriages in Copiah Co., Mississippi. Pinkey married William Alexander and Thomas married Nancy Thomas, almost certainly the daughter of James Thomas. Nathan Thomas was the most probable father of John Thomas. The bondsmen for the marriages were a John Harvey and an Abraham Harvey. These men were surely our relatives.

At this time Thomas Harvey, Jr. and Nancy purchased property in Hinds County from Green Young and had their first children just a few miles west of what is now Terry, Mississippi. Pinkey and William Alexander moved to Woodville in Simpson County, Mississippi.

For some reason as yet unknown, by 1840, Thomas Harvey, Sr. and Junior. had moved to Walker County, Alabama. Pinkey was there in 1843 as that was the birthplace of Thomas Harvey Alexander. The 1840 Census has Thomas Sr. and Jr. living side by side with nearby neighbors with the name Alexander. It is believed these were relatives of William, possibly sons of William by an earlier wife.

An 1841 tax list of Walker County, Alabama, is to date the last positive identification of Thomas W. Harvey, Sr. A computer search has been made for him from the east coast through Texas and as far north as Kentucky. It is possible that he and his wife died in Alabama. The name of the wife of Thomas Harvey, Sr. has not been discovered. Census records always indicate that she was about the same age as her husband. She was alive in 1840. Her name never appears on any transactions which have been located to this date. Most likely her name was Penelope, Sarah, Nancy,or Surena.

By 1841 Thomas Harvey, Jr. had moved to Attala County, Mississippi, a county where there were many Harveys, all seem to be descended from or related to Joel Harvey, Sr., a Revolutionary War soldier. Joel was in Kentucky at the time Pinkey and Thomas Harvey, Jr. were born there and he came to Lawrence County, Mississippi, one year before Thomas Harvey, Sr. appears in Covington County, nearby.

By 1850 William Alexander, Thomas Harvey, Jr., Lorenzo Bridges, (husband of Nancy Ann Fish Bridges), John Thomas, Steven Blalock, and probably many others who were to migrate to Jackson Parish were in Attala County. Many Harveys remained in the Attala area and trace their ancestry through Joel Harvey, Sr. Even though records have been lost in Attala County, there is probably a great deal which could be learned about our ancestors there. Wouldn't it be exciting to read the copies of the old newspapers that informed them about Jackson Parish and convinced them to leave their homes and travel to Jackson Parish?

Thomas Harvey, Sr. probably was in the War of 1812, but it has not proved possible to identify which Thomas he was. Many, soldiers marched from Kentucky to New Orleans to fight in the Battle of New Orleans. It is part of the history of Copiah County that those Kentuckians camped out near Hazelhurst, Mississippi and that after the war many came from Kentucky by riverboat, raft, and trail to live in that area. Thomas Harvey, Sr. seems to have done just that. The children of Thomas W. Harvey, Jr. and Nancy Thomas Harvey were: (1) James Thomas Harvey, born 1831, Hinds Co., Miss.; (2) William H. Harvey, born 1935 in Miss. or Ala.; (3) Massey Chesterfield Harvey born 1841 in Ala. or Miss.; (4) Willis H. Harvey born 1839 in Ala.; (5) Felix Ben Harvey born 1852 in Miss.; (6) Napoleon Harvey born 1846 Attala Co. Miss.; (7) Clayton Alexander Harvey born 1844 Attala Co. Miss.; (8) Sarah Harvey, born 1848 in Miss.; (9) Surena Harvey Dyas Thomas, born 1838 Walker Co., Ala.; (10) Nancy A. Harvey born 1850 Attala Co., Miss.

Of these children the following is known: William H. Harvey served in the Civil War. He is believed to have moved below Provencal. His wife is unknown, but he had at least one daughter named Babe, who is the mother of the Watts family of Jackson Parish. He died in Provencal and is buried in Shilo Cemetery in an unmarked grave. Massey Chesterfield Harvey served in the Civil War. He married Lourainie Bridges Harvey. They had the following children: James Elbert, Sheridan, Elzy, George, Fanny, Penelope, Dora, and Nassie.

Massey is buried at Mt. Olive. Clayton Alexander Harvey married a Denman. Some of the children were Rankin, Doc, and Rube. Clayton Alexander Harvey was young but insisted on enlisting in the Confederacy. He died in Provencal and is buried in Shilo Cemetery in an unmarked grave.

Willis Henry Harvey continued on through Jackson Parish and tradition says went to Montague County, Texas and supposedly died there. After the Civil War a man named Tom Harvey came riding in from Texas. He stated that be was the son of Willis H. Harvey and that he was the only surviving member of the family. He had heard his father speak of Jackson Parish often so he came to see it and to meet his relatives. Tom was quite a horseman. His descendants are still in Jackson and surrounding parishes.

Felix Ben Harvey died young and is buried at Stringer Cemetery. Napoleon Harvey also died young and is buried at Stringer. Sarah Harvey's history is unknown. Surena Harvey evidently married a man named Dyas and had a son named Stephen Dyas. Surena Harvey Dyas was also the second wife of John Thomas. Stephen's history is unknown. James (Jim) Thomas Harvey married first Nancy Ann Bridges, the daughter of Nancy Ann Fish Bridges and Lorenzo Bridges of Jackson County, Alabama. The history of Jim Thomas Harvey is too expansive to be totally recorded here. This will be expanded in a later work. The children of James Harvey and Nancy Ann were John Thomas Harvey, born 1854 probably on the trail to Jackson Parish; William H. Died 1855; Arron Lafayette (Fate) born 1860; Rube; Lawson Chess; and James Davis born 1863, while his father was at war.

The above listed children were born before or during the Civil War. Of these children, the following is known: John Thomas Harvey was named after John Thomas, the best friend and second cousin of Jim Thomas Harvey. When Red River Parish was created, John Thomas Harvey patented land there. He owned a section when he died in 1939. Some of his descendants have returned to Jackson Parish in later years and live on Bear Knoll Drive. William H. is believed to be buried at Stringer Cemetery. Arron Lafayette (Fate) Harvey lived in Jackson Parish for many years. Rube lived in Jackson Parish for many years.

He was a huge man and many people were frightened of him. This led to his being institutionalized in, his old age. He was beaten to death at the institution in Jackson, LA. He is buried at Mt. Olive. The above children were born before the Civil War.

James Thomas Harvey was in the Civil War. After the first year he came home from Virginia on leave. While he was home, Nancy Ann became pregnant with James Davis Harvey. While returning to Virginia from that leave, James Harvey and more than a thousand of his comrades were captured at Huntsville, Alabama, and sent to prison at Camp Chase, Ohio. While at the prison camp he carved a walking cane. This cane is passed down to his oldest living male descendant until this day. At the present time the cane is held by R.C. Harvey, I.

Soon after giving birth to James Davis, Nancy Ann found going hard at her house on the east side of the "Old Big Road." T16N R4W section 25 or 36. A military group of either Yankees or Confederates came through and took all of the livestock. It was dead of winter and deep snow was on the ground. The roof caught fire and Nancy Ann was the only one who could climb on the roof. She put out the fire, but contracted pneumonia and soon died, leaving a new baby and five young children. It is not known who took care of the children. Jackson Parish people took care of one another in those days. Maybe it was Jane Thomas, wife of John, or the Andersons who also lived nearby on the "Old Big Road."

After the war, Jim Thomas was at Vernon, the parish seat, and someone pointed out to him the leader of the group which had taken everything from Nancy Ann. James attacked the man, and stories say, was prevented from killing him by being pulled off the man.

James Davis who was born while his father was in Confederate Prison in Ohio, married Cora Johnson. They are .the parents of Clovie, who married Leon Smelley; Charlie, who married Lizzie Vail; Cynthia, who married Percy McConathy; Lillie, who married Homer Srnelley; Jimmy Harvey, who married Mamie Bell. They are the parents of Jackson, who died young; J.P. Harvey, who married Dorthy McDonald; and Theron Harvey, who married Janie Lampkin. They are the parents of David Harvey. David married Helen Morrow and they are the parents of Bryon Elliot, Freddie, and Rebecka Joy.

After Jim Thomas Harvey returned from the war, he married Malinda Bridges, who was the sister of his first wife. Their children were: Libby, who died as an infant, and Allen Edmund Harvey, born 1873, the year of his father’s death. The war had made James Thomas Harvey a violent man. He is known to have killed a wealthy landowner from Bienville Parish in self defense. The man Minor Dawkins, felt he was cheated in a horse sale and came looking for James with a gun. They met on the trail on horseback, side to side. Minor pulled his gun and in the struggle James shot and killed Minor with his own gun. James retired to St Landry Parish,as family tradition recalls, for a year, until “things cooled off.” It was recently discovered that Felix Washington Thomas, th ebrother of John Thomas, was located near Baton Rouge for a while. It is believed that James stayed with Field.

After he returned home, Jim went to Bud Dawkins, the brother of Minor. He explained how it had happened. Bud told him not to worry about it, that Minor was worthless and needed killing anyway. James and Bud Dawkins worked together hauling freight between Sparta in Bienville Parish and Trenton in Ouachita Parish. On 10 February 1873, near Sparta, they had stopped and lunched under a large tree. Jim was lighting up his pipe after lunch. Bud Dawkins drew his pistol, reached around the tree and fired into the back of Jim Harvey’s head. The next day he was buried in Stringer Cemetary. His sons had looked at their father’s body. The ball entered the back of the head and was lodged in the front teeth. John Thomas Harvey immediately started looking for Bud Dawkins. He followed Dawkins to Missouri and lost all trace of him there. The history of Bud Dawkins is uncertain from this point on. It has been said that he never returned and that he died in an asylum. His history is probably traceable. One of his descendants, or relatives, was a Judge in Shreveport, but is now retired. His name is Ben C. Dawkins.

After their father’s death, the older sons of James Thomas Harvey and Nancy Ann sold their father's property to John Thomas. Jane, the first wife of John, had never recovered after giving birth to a daughter, Jane. His wife's death broke John's heart and he sent the daughter to Texas with his brother, Field Thomas, who was leaving with Henry Alexander. The daughter did not live long.

Sometime after Jane S.'s death, John Thomas married Serena Harvey Dyas, the daughter of Thomas Harvey, Jr., and his own second cousin. Evidently Serena did not live long since by the 1880 census, John Thomas had married Malinda Bridges Harvey, the widow of his best friend, Jim Thomas Harvey. This made John Thomas the stepfather of Allen Edmund Harvey. Even though Allen Edmund received no share of his father's property, John Thomas gave him property.

Allen Edmund Harvey married Emma Anderson, the daughter of Layfette (Fate) Anderson and Mary Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of John Thomas and Jane Sprouse. The Andersons lived close to the "Old Big Road" also. The children of Allen Edmund Harvey and Emma Anderson are: 1. Raymond Chesterfield, born 4 April 1895; II. Elmer Levi, born July 1897, died Feb, 1972; III. Robert Libby, born 30 Nov. 1899, died 1937; IV. Zora L., born July 1902; V. Virgil Clinton, born 20 Sept 1904; VI. William Huey, born 19 Jan. 1907; VII. Dewey Dayton, born 8 Oct. 1909; VIII. Lawson Clayton, born 22 July 1912; IX. Verna May, born 20 Dec 1915; and X. Audie Beatrice, born 6 Dec 1917.

The following is known about the descendants of Allen Edmund Harvey. Ramond C. Harvey, I worked for Humble Oil Co. in Tyler, Texas, for many years. It is the inquisitive mind and photographic memory of Raymond C. I that has preserved such a wealth of family history for the Harveys, Alexanders, Bridges, Andersons, and Thomas'. The accuracy of his information has been unparalleled.

He remembered the birthdates of our ancestors back to 1790, and in every case the census records verified his accuracy. He married Eula Cromwell from Shreveport. Their children are Elinor Ray Harvey and Raymond Chesterfield, II. Elinor Ray married Carrol Bennett Vinson of Tyler, Texas. Their son is Carrol Bennett. He lives in Dallas, Texas. Carrol Bennett Vinson married Brenda Kato. They are the parents of Carroll Bennett, III. Raymond C. Harvey, II, married Mary Garlen of Tyler, Texas. Their children are Mary Grace and Raymond C. III. Raymond C. II is a Baptist minister. He obtained a PhD in Psychology and presently teaches at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Raymond C. II was voted the 1980 John H. Buchanan Award for Excellence in Classroom Teaching. Raymond C. I, and Eula are retired and now reside in Jonesboro.

Elmer married Lena Nicks. Their children are Elaine Harvey Blalock, Luriene Harvey Kennedy, Juanita Harvey Walsworth Kennedy, and Margaret Harvey Conn. Elaine married Dru Blalock, descendant of Steve Blalock. Their chiildren are Steve, Chris and Elaine. Elaine Blalock married John R. Walden and their children are John C. and Sunday Page.

Lurline Harvey married Clyde Kennedy. Their children are Ginger and Danny. Ginger married Wayne Carpenter. Their children are Ghena and Timothy. Danny married Jo Ann Gary.

Juanita Harvey married Ottis Walsworth, I. They are the parents of Ottis Walsworth Jr., Brenda Gaye and Lynda Faye, twins, and Donald Walsworth. Ottis Walsworth, Jr. married Shelba Huckaby. They are the parents of Melinda Kay, and Robert Ottis, III. Brenda married Ray Koonce. They are the parents of Kelvin and Keith. Lynda married first Jack Norred. They are the parents of Shelli. She married second Kendrick Hartsfield. They are the parents of Trae. Donald married Carol White. They are the parents of Jason and Lauren. Margaret Harvey married Basil Conn of Weston. They are the parents of Eileen, Tommy, Sandra, and Nancy. Eileen married Jack Taylor and they are the parents of Danielle and Carrie. Tommy married Debbie Womack. They are the parents of David and Ashley. Sandra married Duane Hale. They are the parents of Shane and Brooke. Nancy married Dennis Hobston.

Robert Libby Harvey married Mary Pope O'Gilvie of Shreveport. Their children were twins, one of which died at birth; the second was Harriet Harvey. Libby worked at the First National Bank in Shreveport, but died of cancer as a young man. Aunt Mary Pope married Grady Nelson and they stayed close to the Harveys, Uncle Grady also died of cancer in 1963. Harriet Harvey married Jack Anderson of Dallas, Texas. Their children are Laura Lee and Tray.

Zora married Jack Ashton from Pennsylvania. They were the parents of Jackie Lou Ashton. Jackie Lou married Billy Joe Turnbow of Quitman. They are the parents of John Ashton Turnbow of Laurel, Mississippi. Jackie Lou died at a young age of cancer in 1972. Zora Ashton now resides in Jonesboro. Virgil Clinton married Lois Ricks. One of my great childhood experiences was watching Uncle Clinton log with mules. They are the parents of Emma Jean Harvey Shively, Nellie Joy Harvey Nunn, and Jimmie Carolyn Harvey Cooper. Emma Jean married James “Flop” Shively. Their children are Mark and Matt. Nellie Joy married Lavelle Nunn. They are the parents of Lynn Nunn. Lynn married Roger Council and they are the parents of Lee Council.

Lavelle Nunn has been a professional photographer in Jonesboro for several years. Jimmie Carolyn married Willis Cooper.

Their children are Todd and Nicole. William Huey Harvey married Berta Moffett. They are the parents of Barbara Jo Harvey. Barbara Jo married Don Denton of Dubach, La. Uncle Huey was in the soap manufacture and meat processing business for years. He operated sales routes all over North Louisiana and has hundreds of friends in the state. Dewey Dayton Harvey married Adee Johns of Dodson. They are the parents of Dewey Dayton Jr, who died at birth, and Robert Lynn Harvey born 22 July 1938. Lynn Harvey married Charlotte Cooper, daughter of E.B. Cooper, of Hodge. They are the parents of John Edward and Paul Allen.

Lynn has been employed by NASA since 1967. He was one of the six spacecraft simulator instructors who taught Neil Armstrong and all of the other Apollo astronauts. For his efforts during the Apollo 13 tragedy, he was selected as one of the recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, this nation's highest civilian award.

Lynn, Charlotte, and the boys now reside in Santa Fe, Texas. Dewey Harvey traveled all over the country as a salesman in his younger days, He once sold a case of carpet cleaner to Wild Bill Murry, the governor of Oklahoma. He spent many years in the Jonesboro Post Office. He was also a state officer in the Masons, is a 32 degree Mason, and was the original Executive Director of the Jonesboro Housing Authority. He is the only Harvey known who has a street, Harvey Place, named for him. He has many friends all over the country.

Lawson Clayton (Pete) Harvey married Mary Cooper. Uncle Pete worked for the gas company for several years. They are the parents of Eddie Wayne Harvey and Rita Gayle Harvey Sherill. Eddie Wayne Harvey married Melva Jones from Bastrop. They are the parents of Teri and Lori. Eddie Wayne is a petroleum engineer and works for the IRS in Shreveport. Call Ed if you need help with the feds. Rita Gayle Harvey married Dr. Bill Sherill of Houston, Texas. Gayle and Bill now live in Fort Smith, Arkansas. They are the parents of Meredith and Amanda Gayle.

Verna May married Pete Tullos. They have resided in Laurel, Mississippi for years. They are the parents of Terry Tullos. Terry was the National Polio Poster child in 1947. He received a tremendous amount of publicity. He was on the covers of many magazines. Happily he has completely recovered from polio. He married Lynette Cain. Their children are Kris and Kimberly. Audie Beatrice married S.F. (Shubby) Bernard from Quitman. They are the parents of Harvey Bernard, Sue Ellen, and Steve. Harvey Bernard married Nellie Jean Thompson of Minden. They are the parents of Denise and reside in Baton Rouge. Dr. Sue Ellen is the wife of Dr. Van Lambeth. They are veterinarians in Ruston. Steve married Linda Sims of Shreveport. They are the parents of Katie Lynn, and Mark. At the present time, Steve is studying to be a medical doctor at LSU Shreveport. He and his family live in Minden as do Aunt Bea and Uncle Shubby.
Copyright 1981, Robert L. Harvey