Letter to Vera Renfrow Cowart from Julius T. Long, Lawyer practicing in Shreveport, L.A.

Julius T. Long, Lawyer
City Bank Building Shreveport, LA

April 21, 1937.

Mrs. Vera Renfrow Cowart,
Jonesville, La.

Dear Madame:- Judge McGregor says that he took default in our case yesterday, and that this coming Saturday he will need one of you at Arcadia Court House at 9:30 a.m. to use to prove up default in case they do not answer. I am sure they will __________ if they answer then they want to talk about settling by compromise, and we want you all to discuss it and send the one or ones you are willing to agree for you upon same. I have told Judge McGregor that I thought that we can afford to give Mr. Anderson one-third of what we claim to get rid of matter. Off hand I think we claim 5/24 so if we recede from 1/3 of that it will leave a fair interest in case of oil, and that is what we want. Merely a small amount of land will amount to little unless we get oil rights.If you are at Arcadia or some of your brothers or sisters, you can talk with Judge McGregor and maybe valuable in case we do go to trial. I think it well for the one of you who knows the most to be present. Now, you can leave Jonesville early in the morning and be there. It is not far, if you ride in a car. Judge McGregor is a bald headed man about 5 ft. 9 inches high, about 55 years of age, rather stock built. The Clerk of Court will point him out to you. He will expect you there or one of you, by 9:30 a.m next Saturday morning.

Yours truly,
Julius T. Long