Letter written to Vera Renfrow Cowart from Julius T. Long, Lawyer, Shreveport, LA

May 27, 1937.

Mrs. Vera Renfrow Cowart,
R.1, care of J. H. Brazzell,
Jonesville, La.

Dear Madame:-

Just had our belated letter that your father would not sign for certain minors. Now, he is not mentioned in the suit as a tutor, for I knew of no minors. _____ _____ are such than that can be discussed later, You will see that they are not included as minors in the suit. If in there they are included as grown, and named can be signed by him that way without mention of his name.

We are getting our part for which we sued in the land and can get no more. We are giving the Smith minor only his part as sued for in the suits. I would not give $500 for all we all are getting out of it. If there is not to be sane, fair dealing, I fear we will all lose. I suggest that the only practicable sensible thing for you to do now is to quickly sign up just as I have asked you to do--- and I express the fear that if you do not do that we will never get much, if anything. The part belonging to you all is so small that it should be kept in common hoping for drilling for and discovery for oil. Write me fully, and I hope sending with same the instrument signed up. I never heard of any minor in your family. That is news at this terrible late date to me.

Yours truly,
Julius T. Long