Letters to Vera Renfrow Cowart from Julius T. Long, Lawyer practicing in Shreveport, LA

Jan. 21, 1937

Miss Vera Renfrow,
Jonesville, LA

Dear Miss Renfrow,

I had the contract and deed you all gave me recorded at Arcadia, La., and wrote Mr. T. F. Anderson on December 20, 1936, to tell me his position on the property, informing him to an extent what my position will be. So far, he has not replied. I have imagined that he went to talk with you all. Judge McGregor has been at work upon the law and facts in the case, and we will soon file suit for the interest of those I represent. I want some facts, and will ask that you fill in the facts on lines after following questions using the copy of this letter to send me, keeping the original for yourself.

1. When did you father and mother marry? June 18, 1908 Where? Jackson Parish

2. Give me the name of each child of your mother in full, first and then if a woman and married add the surname of husband, and then say “wife of Clay Smith” giving his name in full. In the deed you merely said in some instances married, not giving name of husband, and sometimes I would not make out the surname of husband. Please write in very clear handwriting. Eva Renfrow married Clay Smith, Lorene Renfrow married Elza Clardy, Vera Renfrow married Wallace Cowart Jessie Renfrow married Elnora Holland.

3. What was the name of your deceased sister or brother before married? Eva Renfrow about when was she or he married? Dec. 1930 Whom did she or he marry? Clay Smith When did he or she die? Jan. 15, 1933 What is the full name of this husband or wife of this deceased relative?

4. What is the name of the left? Floy Smith (female). What is the age? (this part is unreadable)--------years. With whom does it live? Joe Smith near Arcadia.

Yours sincerely,
Julius T. Long