Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant  
Code of Conduct and Contract
Purpose of the Organization: Miss Oak Grove Royalty are to be goodwill ambassadors for the town and events are scheduled in order to facilitate that as well as the personal growth of the girls involved. You are a reflection of the Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant and all the people who live in our community. What you hold is an incomparable honor and privilege that will last throughout your year as ambassadors. Represent your community with pride, honor and dignity! While it is important that you remember your responsibilities at all times, this opportunity is intended to offer you a time for fun, festivity, and cherished memories. 

1. The Ambassadors must attend 80% of the scheduled events. Any scheduling conflicts must be resolved 4 weeks prior to the event through the pageant director.  The 80% figure includes excused and otherwise missed events.Any unexcused absence, the pageant committee reserves the right to issue a violation.

2. If any Ambassador is unable for any reason to fulfill their commitment of 80%, they will forfeit 50% of the scholarship moneys. 

3.The Ambassadors must attend at least 50% of all scheduled events or forfeit their crown and scholarship moneys.

4. Ambassadors will show appreciation to their sponsors with a thank you note.

5.The Ambassadors shall work together as a cooperative unit to represent the city of Oak Grove to the best of their ability.  Conflicts must be resolved in a mature manner, and they are not to affect the Ambassadorsí behavior in public.

6. The Pageant committee will make the decision on any personal appearances by the Ambassadors. 

7. The Ambassadors will travel with chaperones appointed by the committee when making personal appearances. When ever possible the Ambassadors should travel together to create memories.

8. If for any reason other travel arrangements become necessary, you must provide written authorization from your parents to the chaperone prior to the event. 

9. The responsibility of the chaperone starts from a selected starting point, during the appearance, and ends at a designated departure point.

10. When the Ambassadors are on a personal appearance (e.g., parade, festival, or coronation) no one will leave without the permission of the chaperone. 

11. The Ambassadors will be responsible for parade and pageant dresses to wear during their reign, along with accessories. The Pageant Committee will help the girls in choosing their dresses so they match, and get them as inexpensive as possible. As in any activity such as dance, cheer leading, etc. there are expenses for those chosen.

12. The parents of the Ambassadors are needed to help at parades. We have a float to set up and need the support of the families.  The Ambassadors and one or two chaperones are guests in other communities. The Pageant committee will assign chaperones. Committee members will act as chaperones but a parent may be requested to be a chaperone. A committee member will chaperone the Ambassadors to the pageants and luncheons.

13. Cheryl Mayers, as Director of the Miss Oak Grove  Scholarship Pageant must approve any changes or alterations to the float with all expenses being pre-approved . Cheryl has authority to make the decisions in regard to the float, as to where it is taken, and who pulls the float.

14. All music used in appearances with the float needs to be approved by the committee.  The music played reflects back onto the city and the pageant.

15. Crowns and sashes given to the Miss Oak Grove Ambassadors shall remain the property of the pageant until the reign is successfully completed. If they are damaged lost or broken you are responsible for there replacement.

16. Tattoos or body piercing is not allowed during your reign, other than ear piercing. Tattoos present before reign need to be non-exposed.

17. Ambassadors shall wear appropriate attire while wearing the sash and crown. No risque clothing shall be permitted, and the pageant committee will approve the clothing worn. Nylons and undergarments must be worn with all gowns.

18. Ambassadors shall be on time for all appearances. If you must be late, excuses must be valid. Emergency or extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

19. No friends or boyfriends are allowed on an appearance without permission, any physical contact with boyfriends who may be at an appearance is not allowed.

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