Get to Know the Directors
Monica Johnson- Co-Director
  Cheryl Mayers - Director
My Name is Cheryl Mayers,  I have lived in Oak Grove for 38 years with my husband John. I work as a Lia Sophia Fashion Jewerly Advisor. I was the Miss St. Francis Ambassador Scholarship Pageant Director for 17 years ( 1988- 2004 ). I also directed the Miss TEEN Minnesota State Pageant for two years. This is our 4th year running the Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant.

We have 3 daughters that have been Ambassadors and served their communities. This is where are girls are now in their life because of the opportunities they were given through their involvement in the Scholarship Pageant.

Maria (Mayers) Erickson- Miss St. Francis 1986, 3rd runner-up 1986 Minnesota Miss Teen, 2nd runner-up 1987 Minnesota  Miss Teen, 1988 Miss Coon Rapids  and 3rd runner-up Miss Minnesota 1989. She graduated from Mankato State University majoring in Political Science and Speech Communications. She went on to school to get a Doctorate in Theology. During my many years with the Miss St. Francis Scholarship Pageant Maria volunteered her time as MC for the pageant. Maria has been married for 9 years and has 3 sons. She  is the CEO of 2 Cradle Club Child Care Centers in Edina and Downtown Mpls. She and her husband Scott live in Eden Prairie, Mn. and are in full time Ministry with young adults.

Paula (Mayers) Sahlstrom- St. Francis Princess 1989 and Miss East Bethel 1991. She graduated from St. Cloud State University majoring in Spanish Education. She has been married for 15  years and has 2 sons and 2 daughters. She home schools her children and is a Lia Sophia Fashion Jewerly Unit Manager.Paula was active in the Miss St. Francis Scholarship Pageant as Assistant Backstage Director , MC for the Miss Teen State Pageant and  Co-MC for the Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant. She and her husband Brian live in Foley, Mn.

Monica ( Mayers ) Johnson- Miss St Francis 2001.-
Monica graduated from Concordia University, St. Paul, Mn. in May of 2006  majoring in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Confessional Lutheranism for the private school system. She currently works as a pre-school  teacher at the Cradle Club Child Care Center, in Minneapolis, Mn. Monica has volunteered her time with the pageant since she was 2 years old. She started the Little Miss portion of the Miss St. Francis Pageant and was the chorographer. She currently is the Co-Director of the Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant, Chorographer and Co-Mc. Monica was married to Kyle Johnson on  May 23rd 2009. The happy couple live in Anoka.

I decided to accept the challenge of directing the Miss St. Francis Scholarship Pageant in 1988 after seeing first hand the personal growth and benefits  that  my daughter Maria received through the pageant. Paula and Monica were also given the opportunity to be ambassadors for St. Francis. My daughters continued to volunteer for the pageant following their reign, along with me.

I gave up the directorship of the pageant in June of 2004 after 17 years to be able to spend more time with family. Not  being involved in the St. Francis Pageant gave me more time with family but I also found out that the pageant was a big part of my life. I really missed that part of my life, I love that I could give to and bless others and I really enjoyed what I did.
We live in Oak Grove so we decided to establish a Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant where we could implement the structure of the successful pageant we built in St. Francis. The candidates will have the opportunity to excel in scholastics, talent, interview, volunteer service and evening gown- poise, the five most important areas of their life. This experience will help them to grow into responsible adults.  

The Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant is based on inner quality and inner beauty. If you are looking for a pageant that will recognize your hard work and reward you for your dedication to excel in your life, then the Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant is the one for you. You will be judged on your commitment to excellence.

Thank you,  The Pageant Committee and I look forward to working with each one of you. This is the chance to show your unique gifts and abilities, it is your time to shine!
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