Pageant Entry

Pageant Entry Process
*contact Cheryl Mayers at

* Attend Orientation with parent - Held July 6th at 6:30 pm at the Oak Grove City Hall Park Pavilion.

* Print out and complete Application and Resume and bring to orientation. Copy and paste the resume to an application that you can fill out on your computer and print out.Keep format the same Do not underline your answers.
* Have permission of parents
       or legal guardian.  
* Pay a $20 registration fee
        (pays for T-shirt)
*  Application, resume and report card
       due at sign-up

* Attend pageant rehearsals.

* Attend Fund Raising Events

Sponsor Fees

Sponsor fees help offset the costs of producing the pageant. Finding sponsors help our candidates to use their communication skills by going out to family, friends, and local businesses. Sponsors may be people your family does business with such as dentists, local restaurants, hair stylists, etc. These donations are tax deductible as advertising expense for businesses.

Most organizations sponsor young women who are a positive reflection of their community. A letter went out to the businesses encouraging them to support your candidacy in the pageant. You will be given material to help you in this process. It can be fun!

Print out Sponsor letter to take with you when you go to your  potential sponsors. Go to the Home Page and click on Sponsor Letter. Dress professional. Make Checks out to Miss Oak Grove Scholarship Pageant.

Miss Oak Grove and Princess Division- $175

Oak Grove Junior Miss Division - $175

Oak Grove Junior Princess Division - $150

Oak Grove Little Miss Division - $150

What you will need

*  Candidate T-Shirt -Supplied by Pageant ( need your size)

*   Khaki Capries for rehearsals.

* A interview outfit (dress or suit)

* Full length formal gown for pageant.

* Talent Outfit
Candidate Information & Requirements
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