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Burning DC ISOs with the wrong CD Writer

I have a HP9100 CD Writer. Its a great CD-Writer, but if I try to burn anything from using their instructions it never works.

The usual scheme for DColem or DCMP3 is to write a 4 second audio track to the CD first, followed by the data ISO as a second session. The 9100 would seemingly write the 4 second audio track, but would always get some stupid error when writing the data part. There are lots of notes about cdrecord padding things out to 302 sectors instead of 300, but I tried all the differing bits of advice to no avail.

I did however find some notes suggesting that CDRWIN didn't corrupt these short tracks, so I thought I could do most of the cdrecord steps using CDRWIN instead.

Burning DCMP3

  1. Download the Selfboot kit from DC Selfboot and extract it into c:\selfboot
  2. Download the DCMP3 zip from here and extract it into the c:\selfboot\data directory.
  3. Make your own c:\selfboot\data\mp3 directory and copy all your MP3s into this directory.
  4. Move 1st_read.bin and ip.bin from c:\selfboot\data into c:\selfboot
  5. Record the audio track in CDRWIN: Start CDRWIN and click on the 'Record Disk' button. Click 'Load Tracks'. Choose 'Add' and select the c:\selfboot\audio.raw file. Now make sure the disk type is 'Audio' (at the top of the window). back at the main Record Disk window, tick the Open New Session box, set your write speed and click 'Start Recording'.
  6. Open up a DOS window once the audio track is written and cd to c:\selfboot and run:
       cdrecord -scanbus        (to work out your CDRecorders device number)
       cdrecord -dev=x,y,z -msinfo
    Hopefully the msinfo will return 0,11700.
  7. Run binhack.exe and enter '1st_read.bin' and 'ip.bin' at the prompts.
  8. Move 1st_read.bin back into the c:\selfboot\data directory.
  9. Create the ISO image:
       mkisofs -C 0,11700 -l -o data.iso data
    You'll get a warning about it not being merged with an earlier session but thats alright.
  10. Run ipins.exe and enter 'ip.bin' and 'data.iso' at the prompts.
  11. Now go back to CDRWIN, exit the 'Record Disk' screen and click 'File backup and Tools' .
    • select 'Record an ISO9660 Image File'.
    • For Image Filename, Choose data.iso in the c:\selfboot directory.
    • Under Recording Options, Select your CD-Recorder. Check the following options:
            Disc Type: CDROM-XA
            Track Mode: MODE2
            SPEED: Whatever You Want
            Finalize/Close Session: Yes
            Write Postgap: Yes 
            Open New Session: No
            Test Mode: No
            Verify Recorded Image: No
    Click the start button and you are burning.

May 24,2001