Renavated Collins School Building

(Now The Cupertino de Oro Club Building)

Collins School

On the corner of what is now known as De Anza Boulevard and Homestead Road, the first one room Collins school was built in 1869 on a portion of the ranch once owned by Lamuel Perry Collins, an early Collins District Trustee. In 1889 a modern one room school was built on the same site. The architect was J. O. Mckee and the builder Enoch Parrish. In 1908, an addition was made on the West side of the one room school, cutting off the old bell tower, adding the present bell tower between rooms, and tying the structure together with a hip roof. Subsequently, the East side bank of windows were redesigned to improve lighting for two up-to-date class rooms. Also, a decorative band of shingles were added around the upper part of the building and a "fish scale" pattern of shingles to the bell tower. In 1921, Cupertino Union School opened on the corner of Stevens Creek and Vista Drive. This one room school served the former districts of Collins, San Antonio and Doyle. Cupertino De Oro Club, a woman's club, formed and bought the building that same year. In 1959, when Homestead was widened, the building was moved eastward to its present site which was bought in 1909 for the school playground. The bell in the tower is believed to be the bell from the 1869 school used 50 years ago to signal the start of classes. The eucalyptus trees and the remnants of pepper trees to the west of the building may date back to 1876 planting. The old Collins School building continues to be a meeting place for the Cupertino De Oro Club.

Collins School

*Sketch of Original Collins School Building-1869

*Winner of 1999 Cupertino Coin Club Medal Design Contest.
For more information write to the Cupertino Coin Club at P.O. Box 448, Cupertino, CA 95015.

Collins School Medal

Collins School Building
Cupertino Coin Club 1999 Medal

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