The Fallon House

San Jose, California

Fallon House

Fallon House

Italianate Style Facade

The Fallon House along with the Peralta Adobe offer a unique look into San Jose's historic past. Located in the heart of downtown San Jose in the famous San Pedro Square district, these two historic Landmarks and their furnishings illustrate the daily life in the early periods of "El Pueblo de Guadalupe."
The Fallon House is a Lavish fifteen-room Victorian home built by Thomas Fallon, a controversial man who was the first to raise the American flag over their home in 1855. It stood higher than City Hall and was considered a San Jose showplace. Thomas Fallon, who served as mayor from 1859-1860, called his home the "prettiest in San Jose". The home illustrates the Italiante Victorian style and boasts the first bay windows built in the South Bay Area. As typical of this architecture, the Fallon House has two stories, a low pitched roof, wide overhangs, a rectangular floor plan, tall ceilings and tall windows with decorative crowns.
Today, the Fallon House has been beautifully restored and furnished with period antiques to illustrate the daily life in San Jose during the Civil War period. Included in the home are fifteen beautiful appointed rooms typical of the Victorian era.
The Fallon House along with the Peralta Adobe (across the street) are open for tours from 11.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m, Thursday-Sunday. Admission charges for both historic sites: $6 Adults; $5 Seniors: $3 Youths.

Sketch-Fallon House

Winner of obverse design for 1996 San Jose Coin Club Medal
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Obverse of San Jose Coin Club 1996 Medal
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