The Hayes Mansion

San Jose, California

Hayes Mansion Photo

The elegant, 41,000 square foot, 60-room Mediterranean-style structure was designed by architect George Page and was built in 1905, was once intended to be the residence of wealthy faith healer Mary Hayes Chynoweth and her two sons, Everis Anson (E.A.) and Jay Orley (J.O.) Hayes. Mary ordered the home built to replace a 40-plus room Queen Anne Victorian that had burned to the ground in 1898. Prompted by the fire, the family ordered the new home to be built with turn-of-the century cutting-edge safety in mind. Mary died a few months before the mansion was complete, but the estate stood for more than 50 years as the home for Mary's sons and their families. Already wealthy from a Michigan mining venture with their mother, the Hayes brothers, both lawyers, turned their attention to community service. They purchased The San Jose Herald and the Mercury, two local papers they combined to form the San Jose Mercury News. Because the Hayes brothers wielded political power, the mansion was host to many prominent political quests. After the Hayes family sold the mansion in the 1950's, the dwelling became empty by 1980, desperately in need of repair. It attracted the attention of both public and private sectors. In 1975 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and in 1981, declared a city landmark and purchased for restoration to its original splendor. Under the care of the Network Conference Company, which leases the site from the City of San Jose and operates the Hayes Conference Center, the mansion was restored and an addition was built in 1996 to match the mansion's architecture. The mansion is available for self tours with a free brochure available from the hotel desk.

Hayes Mansion Photo
Hays Mansion-Another View

Front Entrance-Photo
Front Entance-Stained Glass Panels

Front Entrance From Inside-Photo
Front Entance-Inside View

Architectural Staircase-Photo
Architectural Arch, Railing and Staircase

Inside Mansion-Photo
Ornate Tiled Fireplace
Architectural Wood Framing

Inside Mansion-Photo
Another Exquisite Fireplace

Folsom Library-Photo
Folsom Library

Dinning Room-Photo
Dinning Room-Orlo's Restaurant

Sketch-Hayes Mansion

*Sketch-Hayes Mansion

*Winner of reverse design for Year 2001 Medal struck by San Jose Coin Club.

Photo-Hayes Mansion Medal

To see obverse of medal go to Montgomery Hotel Page
For more information write to the San Jose Coin Club at P.O. Box 5621, San Jose, CA 95150.

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