Los Altos History House Museum

los Altos, California

History House Museum-Photo

Museum House Maintained In Natural Setting At Original Location.

Los Altos History House Museum is located in what was once was a thriving apricot orchard. It is an example of a shingled farmhouse with interior craftsman design features, including beautifully-paneled redwood walls and a uniquely constructed staircase. The house construction was started in about 1900 and completed in 1905 by J. Gilbert Smith, a carpenter by trade and later an orchardist. The city of Los Altos purchased the orchard property and house from the Smiths in 1954 with certain usage privileges retained until their deaths. The Smith's home, now History House, was established as the City's Historical Museum in 1977 and has been operated by the Los Altos History House Museum Association since that time. The refurbished History House depicts life on the small family operated orchards that dominated pre- World War 11 Los Altos. Furnishings of the 1930's bring visitors into the past, while the serene garden setting is a perfect place to sit and reminisce. Orchard life is further illustrated by outdoor exhibits, including a one acre apricot orchard, an apricot-processing exhibit and a tank house.
The History Museum House is located at 51 South San Antonio Road, Los Altos, CA 94002. Hours: Wednesday, Saturday-Noon-4.00 p.m. and the first Sunday of each month, Noon-4.00 p.m.

Tank House-Photo

Original Tank House At Rear Of Property

Photo-Inside Tank House

Inside The Tank House-Foreman's Quarters

Tour Inside the History Museum House

Inside House Photo

Inside House Photo

Inside House Photo
Mr. Smith's Office

Inside House Photo

Inside House Photo

Inside House Photo
Child's Bedroom Upstairs

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