Mission Santa Clara

Santa Clara, California

Photo-Mission Santa Clara

Photo-Mission Plaque

The Mission Santa Clara is located on the grounds of the University of Santa Clara and is officially designated State Landmark No. 318. The present building is an enlarged replica of the original church built on this site in 1822-25. Mission Santa Clara was appropriately named for Santa Clara de Asis who in 1212 founded the Second order of St. Francis, was "sister" mission to that of Mission San Francisco de Asis, named for the order of Francisco Friars to which Father Serra and all the Alta California mission padres belonged. In 1926, the old mission church was destroyed by fire. The St. Francis Chapel at the rear of the church is the only surviving remnant of the 1822 church. The University of Santa Clara was the first institution to offer classes in higher learning in California. Also, a place to visit is the site of the third mission (1784-1818), at Franklin and El Camino, adjacent to the main entrance to the University.

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