Fremont Older House-Cupertino, CA

 Photo-Fremont Older House

Brief History of Fremont Older Estate

Fremont Older House in Fremont Older Open Space Preserve
Fremont Older, a crusading San Francisco newspaper editor and his wife, Cora, built the Fremont Older house, Woodhills, in 1914. The District purchased the property in 1975, and the house is leased to a private party, newspaper publisher Mort Levine and wife, Elaine. The house, on 2.6 acres in the Fremont Open space Preserve off Prospect Road in Cupertino, has been restored to near original design and is listed on the national Register of Historic Places. Docent led tours of the house and gardens are offered annually, usually in late spring. For tour information call the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District at 650-691-1200.

Historic Home Saved From Ruin by Unusual Deal
In 1979 the Levines made an unusual deal with the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space Preserve District to save this old, badly neglected house on some newly acquired district property in Cupertino. The house was condemned because it was considered to be beyond repair. The Levines had a romantic interest to restore this historic structure and preserve the associations it had with journalism at the turn of the century. The deal gave the Levines a 25-year lease at payments of $1 dollar a year rent in exchange for paying for restoration costs. The restoration took 12 years of hard labor and $350,000. The gardens surrounding the house are on three levels and have been tastefully restored by Elaine. The interior of the house has been painstakingly furnished and decorated by the Levines with original furniture pieces, photographs and artifacts. The house is in many ways the perfect home for the Levines, not the least of which is the link to publishing.

Adobe House on Property
Besides the main house, the property includes an adobe building that originally was a pool house surrounded by Cora Older's famous rose garden. The flat-roofed structure is subleased. Originally, the property was 200 acres, which Older bought for $10,000 in 1912. Cora lived in the main house until her death in 1968 at the age of 93.

 Photo-Rear View of House

Partial Rear View of House and Patio

 Photo-Outdoor Barbecue

Outdoor Barbeque Built For The Olders


Original Fireplace In living Room


Original Furniture & Photos In living Room

 Portraito-Cora Older

Portrait of Cora Older

 Photo-Adobe House

Adobe House

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