The Peralta Adobe

 Photo-Peralta Adobe

The Peralta Adobe along with the Fallon House offer a unique look into San Jose's historic past. Located in the heart of downtown San Jose in the famous San Pedro Square district, these two historic Landmarks and their furnishings illustrate the daily life in the early periods of "El Pueblo de Guadalupe."

Across the street from the Fallon House, incredibly, the Peralta Adobe has survived 200 years of a rapidly changing city. The home is oldest building in San Jose as well as the only remaining structure from the original Pueblo de Guadalupe. Now fully-furnished, the adobe and its grounds faithfully illustrate daily life in San Jose during its Spanish and Mexican periods. In 1807, Luis Peralta was appointed "Comisionado" of the Pueblo, an office which he held until 1822 when a change of flags from Spain to the Mexican Republic abolished his post. As a "Comisionado", Peralta supervised the government of San Jose and was considered the pre-eminent Pueblo official. Because the primary function of San Jose was to supply the nearby presidios with foodstuffs, Peralta was required to be thorough in his supervision of farming and public works. During his lifetime, four flags flew over his adobe: the Spanish flag, the Mexican flag, the Bear Flag, and finally, the American Flag. Peralta died in 1851.

The Peralta Adobe along with the Fallon House (across the street) are open for tours from 11.00 a.m.-4.00 p.m, Thursday-Sunday. Admission charges for both historic sites: $6 Adults; $5 Seniors: $3 Youths.

 Photo-Peralta Adobe Plaque

 Photo-Peralta Adobe Interior

Inside the Peralta Adobe

 Photo-Peralta Adobe Interior

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Reverse of San Jose Coin Club 1996 Medal
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