Saint Joseph Cathedral Basilica

San Jose, California

St. Joseph's was the first church in the Pueblo de San Jose. The original adobe was built on the present site in 1803. It was replaced by a second site in 1845, which in turn was replaced by a wooden building in 1869. After the structure was destroyed by fire in 1875, the present building was begun. Designed by architect Bryan J. Clinch, this grand edifice continues to house San Jose's oldest seat of Christian worship. Today, both on the national and state list of historical landmarks, it is one of the remaining examples of 19th century architecture in the country. The Cathedral is filled with beautiful hand painted murals, stained glass windows, impressive artwork and a custom built organ. In 1990, the cathedral completed a million dollar renovation. The Cathedral is located at South Market and San Fernando, Downtown San Jose.

St. Joseph Cathedral-Photo

St. Joseph Cathedral-Photo

Photo-1978 Coin Club Medal

Saint Joseph Cathedral
Obverse of San Jose Coin Club 1978 Medal

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