The Umbarger House

San Jose, California

Umbarger House Photo

The Umbarger House exemplifies the fine craftsmanship and intricate decoration common to homes of the era. The ornate design gracing the exterior of the Umbarger home is today generally termed "gingerbread" or carpenter's "Gothic," since it was usually the carpenter's task to laboriously produce an original and hand cut decorative pattern.
David Umberger, an early pioneer in San Jose built the house in the 1870's at 2662 S. First St. The house passed through several hands in this century and has been commonly known as the Holt house after David Holt, a prohibition resort owner who owned the house for several decades. In August 1970, the home was moved to the San Jose Historical Museum, located at 635 Phelan Avenue, San Jose. The home interior has been restored with period antiques and furnishings.
For current Historical Museum hours, prices and schedule of special events, call (408) 287-2290.

Tour Inside the Umbarger House

Umbarger Inside House Photo

Umbarger Inside House Photo

Umbarger House Sketch

Umbarger House Sketch

Winner of obverse design for Year 2002 Medal struck by the San Jose Coin Club.
(P.O. Box 5621. San Jose, Ca. 95170)

Photo-Umbarger House Medal

Umbarger House Medal now available for sale in bronze (bright and antique) and silver.
For more information write to the San Jose Coin Club at P.O. Box 5621, San Jose, CA 95150.

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