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Jared D. Taylor

Arizona, The Youngest State, 1913

Jared D. Taylor who has been engaged in the practice of law in Bisbee for the past seven years, during six of which he has also discharged the duties of U.S. commissioner, is a native of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, his birth occurring in 1864. He is a son of David and Mary S. (Callender) Taylor both of whom are now deceased. All of their married life was passed in Wisconsin where the father, who was also an attorney, began the practice of law in 1846. He was recognized as one of the foremost representatives of his profession and from 1878 until his death in 1892 was an associate justice of the supreme court of Wisconsin. Seven of the children born to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor lived to attain maturity and of these six are still living.

The early life of Jared D. Taylor was passed under the parental roof, amid an environment conducive to the development of sterling qualities of character and high standards of life. He acquired his preliminary education in the public schools of his native state, and having decided to adopt his father's profession as his vocation he matriculated to the law department of the State university at Madison. He was awarded his degree from this institution in 1887 and following his admission to the bar established an office and engaged in practice in Michigan. subsequently he was admitted to practice in the courts of Minnesota and for some years practiced in the three states named. In 1906 he came to Arizona and located in Bisbee the following year. He was admitted to practice in 1908 and established an office in Bisbee.

Mr. Taylor was married in 1906 to Miss Louise E. Zschetzshe, who was born and reared in Sheboygan Wisconsin where her parents lived until their deaths.