Estate of Buell Eastman, M.D.

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Estate of Buell Eastman, Deceased

Sempronius Oct. 2, 1867

  Will of Dr. Buell Eastman

I Buell Eastman being of sound mind, make this my last will and testament. 1. I direct that my remains, be deposited in the Earth in a plain manner. 2. I direct as to my Lands and personal property that all the income & profits arising from all my Estate go to the maintainance of my wife E. P. Eastman and my son N. B. Eastman and at the Death of my Wife all the lands and personal property shall belong in fee simple to my Son Nayrewe B. Eastman (Except my Books now {illeg., perhaps "printed"} and Eighty five acres of Land deeded to B. Eastman by B. F. Cook in Milam County which shall belong to my Daughter Elma Patterson and her own children. 3. I direct if N. B. Eastman dies before he became of Age or has no Heir or offspring to inherit his property then, that my Estate left to him in fee simple shall belong to the Children of Elma Patterson and as fast as any one of them Marries or becomes of Age their share shall be set off to them in fee simple. As to my Manuscript of the Itinerant Preacher I direct that the Copy-right be obtained in the name of my Wife and N. B. Eastman and if the Church of God Meeting at Sempronius Academy will publish it or Cause it to be published then One fourth of all the proceeds arising from the sale of Books shall belong to said Church, which shall be employed to build keep up, or improve said Church property, and the other three fourths paid over to my wife & son to belong to them. If the Executors think best to sell the copy-right - they may do it. I hereby appoint Ed. Dabney and John W. Collins my lawful and legal Executors. Given under my hand & seal (using scrolls for seals) the day above written.

  /s/ Buell Eastman /Seal/


W. A. Nichols
E. D. Eastman

Filed March 6th, 1871
Recorded Feby 3d, 1873  Thos. Chapman Clerk D.C.A.C.

{recorded in the Will Records of Austin County, Texas, Book T, Page 38}



Sempronius Texas

Austin County Nov. 19th 1870

I, Buell Eastman being in low health but of sound mind make this my last will and Testament revoking the portion of the will I made Oct. 2d 1867 in which I willed Eighty five acres of Land (Deeded to B. Eastman) by B. F. Cook which should be F. J. Cook to Elma Patterson I now hereby declared that it is my Will & request that my Grand Daughter Margetta Bray shall have Eighty Acres of the said land instead of Elma Patterson having Eight five acres, the balance of said tract of Land shall belong to my Wife E. P. Eastman and my son N. B. Eastman according to my Will of Oct 2d 1867, and I hereby declare that this will is not intended in any wise to conflict with my former Will of Oct 2d 1867 only to give my Grand Daughter Margetta Bray, Eighty Acres of Land out of the tract Deeded to me by F. J. Cook & to revoke the gift of Eighty five acres of Land out of said tract to Elma Patterson & I hereby ...

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Inventory of   The following is a true correct Inventory of the Estate of Buell
Estate of  Eastman, decd. To Wit
Buell Eastman,
Decd.   1st. An undivided Interest of a Tract of Land lying in {illegible} County
    granted to Frank J. Cook as a donation by the Republic or State of
Texas, said Land is held in common by the Estate of Deceased and Buell Eastman's Estate
185 acres valued        $92.50
2d 1 Lot of Medical Books       25.00
 1 " of Manuscript        25.00
3d One Debt due by Owen Murray F.M.C.
 on a contract for Land, as per contract
 dated Jany 2d 1868, Interest @ 10 per cent
 to be paid annually - Principal not due until
 five years from January 2d 1868, provided
 said interest is punctually paid and on
 which there is sum due as Interest as per
 said agreement on this 2d September AD 1871    57.60
 and there will be further sum including additional
 Interest due at the maturity of the Contract    408.00
4th A Lot of Ginned Cotton of last year in a damaged
 condition supposed to be about 600 lbs Valued @   75.00

       J (I?) E. Land
       W. A. Nichols

State of Texas  }
County of Austin  } I, E. D. Eastman, Admin. Of the Estate of
     Buell Eastman Dec'd do solemly affirm in
Presence of Almighty God that the above and foregoing is a full Inventory and
description of all the real and personal property, Books and Papers, Evidence
of Debt and all Debts due or to become due belonging to

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{Recorded in Will Records of Austin County, Texas, Book T, Page 41}

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