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George Thomas Little, “Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine” (Lewis Hist. Pub. Co., NY, 1909), Vol. IV, pp. 2212-2213:


The surname Hatch of ancient English origin is common in England and America. No less than six pioneers of this family, some of them doubtless nearly related, came to Massachusetts before 1650. Thomas Hatch, of Barnstable, had the unique distinction of owning an “instrument called a violin,” mentioned in the inventory of his estate, dated May 27, 1661, though Hatch had been dead since before June 14, 1646. Several of the first settlers went to Cape Cod - in fact, all of them seem to have settled there eventually.

(I) Philip Hatch, immigrant ancestor of the Maine family, was born in England about 1600. According to his own deposition made July 6, 1660, he was living in 1638 (twenty-two years before) with John Winter, when Winter and Trelawny mowed the marsh grass on both sides of the Swurrumke river at Spurwink. This land was subsequently conveyed to Ambrose Boden by Robert Jordan, and the title was attacked. Philip Hatch married Patience _____. He was a fisherman. He mortgaged his property at York, July 18, 1663, to Captain Bryan Pendleton, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. This mortgage was subsequently released by James Pendleton, son and heir of Bryan. He bought his homestead November 23, 1648, of George Parker, “house out-houses and field enclosed” in Agamenticus (York), adjoining William Dixie. His widow, some years after his death, made an agreement with Henry Simpson, August 11, as to her occupancy of land in York. He had one son Samuel, mentioned below. Perhaps other children, including the wife of Henry Simpson.

(II) Samuel, son of Philip Hatch, was born about 1650, in York. He bought a homestead of three hundred acres May 30, 1684, beyond the Ogunquit river, and three acres near Wheelwright’s Neck, in Wells, of Mary Bolles. The history of Wells states that he came there about 1670. The town granted to him, Daniel Littlefield and William Frost, location for a mill on the Upper Falls of Little river, and in 1699 gave them one hundred acres at the head of the lots first laid out. He petitioned for the abatement of taxes after the Indian wars. He left the homestead to his son Joseph. His will was dated February 7, 1740. He was over ninety years old at the time of his death. He bought of Caleb Kimball, July 10, 1710, one hundred acres in Wells, laid out to Joseph Credifer; he bought of Ezekiel Knight and wife December 11, 1712, fifty-two acres between Webhannet river and the town commons, half meadow and marsh on the Webhannet, in Wells. Samuel Hatch, David Littlefield and Joseph Hill and Jonathan Littlefield divided two hundred acres with water power, fulling mill and saw mill adjoining Merry land marshes in Wells. Samuel Hatch, Joseph Hill and David Littlefield deeded to George Butland, April 21, 1710, land bounded by land granted originally to Samuel Hatch, William Frost and David Litlefield. Hatch deeded a hundred acres of land on the north side of the Ogunquit river at Wells, April 26, 1701; also exchanged lands at Wells, March 29, 1721, with John Eldridge. He was then called “senior.” Children: 1. Bethiah. 2. Benjamin, to whom his father deeded land at Wells, adjoining land of Samuel Emery, September 20, 1718, acknowledgment dated May 13, 1719. (York Deeds ix, p. 167.) 3. Jemima. 4. Samuel. 5. Joseph, mentioned below. 6. John. 7. Eunice. 8. Phillip.


(III) Joseph, son of Samuel Hatch, was born about 1689-90 in Wells, Maine.

(IV) Joseph (2), son of Joseph (1) Hatch, was born in 1710; died March 9, 1752, aged forty-two years. He married Jerusha _____, who died January 3, 1776. (See p. 247, “History of York County,” for lineage as given.) His son Joseph removed to Kennebunk, Maine, after the revolution. His wife Jerusha died January 3, 1776, aged sixty-four. Children: 1. Lemuel, mentioned below. 2. Joseph. 3. Joshua, married Susannah Heath; he was killed July 7, 1777, at Ticonderoga; children: i. Ann, married Joseph Woodcock; ii. Joseph, born October 10, 1766; iii. Abigail, died unmarried February 15, 1752; iv. Jotham, died March 14, 1794; v. Elizabeth; vi. Samuel; vii. Mary; viii. Mary Johnson; ix. Susanna; Joshua was a soldier in the revolution.

(V) Lemuel, son of Joseph (2) Hatch, was born about 1740; owned a pew in the church at Wells in 1769.

(VI) ___________, son or nephew of Lemuel Hatch, lived in Wells, Maine. Children: 1. Elijah, born 1804; mentioned below. 2. Levi. 3. Lemuel. 4. Simon. 5. Benazia.

(VII) Elijah Hatch was born in Wells, Maine, in 1804. He settled in Lyman, Maine, where he died in 1873, aged sixty-nine years nine months. He married Frances Kane. He was educated in the common schools and learned the wheelwright’s trade. He was also a farmer. Children: 1. Charles P., mentioned below. 2. Alvah L., lives at West Kennebunk, Maine.

(VIII) Charles P., son of Elijah Hatch, was born in Lyman, Maine, December 25, 1868. He was educated in the common schools of Portland. He attended a night school and a business college later. He was clerk for three years in the law office of Mr. Mear, and during that time studied stenography. In 1887 he became cashier and bookkeeper in the office of the Main Mutual Accident Association. In January, 1889, he resigned to become assistant bank examiner, with offices at Buckfield, under Hon. George D. Bisbee, and continued in this office after Mr. Bisbee was succeeded by Charles R. Whitten, in August, 1892, until January, 1893, when he was appointed national bank examiner for the state of Maine. He resigned this office in May, 1903, to become auditor and accountant of the International Paper Company of New York. He resigned later to accept the appointment of state auditor, a new office, which he has filled with ability and credit to the present time. Mr. Hatch is a member of Evening Star Lodge of Free Masons; of Buckfield Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; of Portland Council, Royal and Select Masters; of Portland Commandery, Knights Templar; and Kora Temple, Mystic Shrine, of Lewiston; of the Maine Society of New York; of the Underwriters’ Club of New York. He married, 1892, Helen Louise Morrill, of Buckfield, Maine.

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