Early Residents of Wells, Maine

Including Samuel Hatch and Related Families

Please note:
this information is transcribed without correction or addition
(to the best of my limited typing ability) from the original source noted.
If I did it well, all the spelling and grammatical idiosyncracies should be preserved.


Edward E. Bourne, LL.D., “The History of Wells and Kennebunk” (subtitled, “From the Earliest Settlement to the Year 1826, at Which Time Kennebunk was Set Off, and Incorporated, With Biographical Sketches.”) (B. Thurston & Co, Portland, 1875; republished 19__, Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD)


... [Wells, Maine] was begun by the enterprise of Edmund Littlefield in 1641, and civilization has never since lost its foothold. Though the hazards of war were too appalling to permit immigrants to come in only to share in the struggles of the townsmen, the original settlers held fast to their possession. Instead of one hundred families at this time, we believe the population was embraced in about eighty. Many of the people who came to Wells and took grants of land, did not continue long enough to fulfill the conditions attached to them, but withdrew to other places, and perhaps resorted to other more congenial business. The following list we believe embraces the names of all who resided in Wells from 1641 to 1687:

Luis Allen,
Ralph Andrews,
William Ashley,
Samuel Austin,
John Barret,
James Bates,
John Bates,
Stover Batson,
James Barkhouse,
Francis Barkhouse,
Peter Bass,
Henry Boade,
Joseph Bolles,
Robert Booth,
Thomas Boston,
Joseph Bolles, jr.,
William Buckland,
John Buckland,
John Buss,
John Bush,
Samuel Bolles,
Henry Brown,
John Bugg,
James Boston,
James Carr,
George Chambers,
John Cheater,
John Clayes,
Nathaniel Clayes,
Peter Clayes,
Nicholas Cole,
Nicholas Cole, jr.,
William Cole,
John Cole,
Thomas Cole,
Thomas Cousins,
Isaac Cousins,
Joseph Cross,
John Cross,
John Cross, jr.,
Benjamin Curtis,
John Drisco,
Thomas Durrell,
John Eldridge,
Joseph Emerson,
Gilbert Endicott,
George Farrow,
John Frost,
John Frost, jr.,
William Frost,
Anthony Feathery,
John Gooch,
John Gooch, jr.,
James Gooch,
Percival Green,
George Habourne,
Samuel Hatch,
Phillip Hatch,
Israel Harding,
George Hammons,
William Hamans,
Jonathan Hammond,
John Harmon,
Robert Hethersey,
Henry Hatherley,
Robert Hilton,
Ezekiel Knight,
Ezekiel Knight, jr.,
Edmund Littlefield,
Francis Littlefield,
Francis Littlefield, jr.,
Anthony Littlefield,
Thomas Littlefield,
John Littlefield,
James Littlefield,
James Littlefield, jr.,
Joseph Littlefield,
Jonathan Littlefield,
Isaac Littlefield,
Nathaniel Littlefield,
Samuel Littlefield,
Francis Littlefield, 3d,
Josiah Littlefield,
Gussian Lagan,
Richard Martin,
Nathaniel Masters,
John Masters,
John Manning,
Thomas Mussell,
Nicholas Mory,
Thomas Mills,
James Oare,
Philemon Purmotte,
Robert Paine,
John Richardson,
Edward Rishworth,
John Reed,
John Sanders,
Henry Sayward,
John Smith,
William Sayer,
John Smith, jr.,
Joseph Storer,
Samuel Storer,
Jeremiah Storer,
Benjamin Storer,
William Symonds,
Hartakendon Symonds,
Robert Stuart,
William Taylor,
Jonathan Thing,
Abraham Tilton,
John Trott,
Rev. John Wheelright,
Samuel Wheelright,
Thomas Wheelright,
John Wheelright, jr.,
John Wadley,
Robert Wadley,
John Wakefield,
William Wentworth,
William Wardell,
John West,
John Wells,
Thomas Wells,
John Wooden,
John White,
Samuel Webber.


The Lovewell war ended in Dec. 1725; in 1726 the following were all the inhabitants of the town:

Charles Annis,
Richard Boothby,
James Boston,
John Burks,
George Butland,
John Butland,
Nathaniel Clark,
Samuel Clark,
Eleazer Clark,
James Clark,
Nicholas Cole,
Ichabod Cousens,
Benjamin Crediford,
Joseph Crediford,
Josiah Crediford,
Moses Dormer,
John Eldridge,
Samuel Emery,
William Eaton,
Malachi Edwards,
John Fairfield,
Thomas Gillpatrick,
Joseph Getchell,
Zachariah Goodale,
Joseph Hill,
Samuel Hill,
Samel Hatch,
Phillip Hatch,
Benjamin Hatch,
John Hatch,
Samuel Hatch, jr.,
Stephen Harding,
Nathaniel Harmon,
Archelaus Hewitt,
George Jacobs,
Nathaniel Kimball,
Caleb Kimball,
David Lawson,
William Larrabee,
David Littlefield,
Dependence Littlefield,
Francis Littlefield,
James Littlefield,
Joseph Littlefield,
Samuel Littlefield,
John Littlefield,
Jonathan Littlefield,
Samuel Littlefield, jr.,
Nathaniel Littlefield,
Peter Littlefield,
Job Low,
William Low,
Henry Maddox,
Gershom Maxwell,
Bryce McLellan,
John McDonald,
James Medole,
Abel Merrill,
David Morrison,
Jacob Perkins,
Robert Poke,
Matthew Patten,
Thomas Penny,
Peter Rich,
Caleb Richardson,
John Ross,
James Sampson,
Francis Sayer,
John Storer,
Jeremiah Storer,
George Simonton,
Moses Stevens,
Joseph Stevens,
Samuel Stuart,
Samuel Stuart, jr.,
Joseph Taylor,
William Taylor,
Samuel Treadwell,
Israel Tucker,
James Wakefield,
John Wakefield,
Nathaniel Wakefield,
John Wells,
John Wells, jr.,
Thomas Wells,
John Wheelright,
Samuel Wheelright,
Joseph Wheelright,
Josiah Winn,
Josiah Winn, jr.,
Thomas Wormwood.

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